If you are making a larger quilt say 85" x 90" and twice the width of the fabric isn't enough, why not use the leftover fabrics from the front and piece a section to put between the two length of backing.

Or make a few extra blocks if it is a pieced quilt and join them to make a centre strip between the two length of backing.

This would safe you having to buy three times the width of fabric and use up some of your left over fabrics.

Also if your quilt is say 60" x 79" buy twice the width and have your backing seam go across the quilt instead of down the length.

If you check out Bonnie's quilts or her books you will see very interesting backings.

Another option, just look through your stash and find enough fat 1/4" in a colour that would go with your top and piece them large enough for your backing.

Happy sewing

Well I thought I might start this page to pass on a few tips or tricks that I know.

When I used to work in a Patchwork shop the most common questions asked,how much binding, borders, batting or batting do I need?

So I thought I give you a few tips on how to work it out yourself and that way you know you are only buying what you need.

Today I thought I tell you how you work out how much binding you need for your quilts,depending where you live you might have to work out the final amount in metric.

First step:

(I cut my strips for the binding @ 2", that gives me just over 1/4inch binding front and back)

Measure all four side of your quilt, add the amounts together, now add 1" for each corner and another 4 inches for the tuck in at the end.

So if you four sides come to:

two sides 78inches = 156inches
top& bottom 56inches = 112inches
plus four corners = 4inches
plus tuck in at end = 4inches

total = 276inches binding needed

Now fabric could be anything from 42 - 44 inches wide, like to work with 40inches and that way I know I will have enough.

So divide 276 inches by 40 inches = 6.9 strips across the width of the fabric, so you will need to buy 7 strips x 2inches = 14inches or 0.35m

If you are cutting your strips 2.5inches wide you will just buy 7 x 2.5 = 17.5inches or 0.45m.

Hope this helps
More to come next week.


ps. and if you want to make sure you have enough just buy an extra strip