Thursday, September 26, 2013

Scrap Quilt challenge auction coming soon and US trip

Hi everyone still reading

I am having my last day in the US with two friends and we have had a fantastic time at Baltimore on the Prairie and Kansas as well as Lancaster PA. We are now here in LA and fly out tonight.

This is my third trip and was the best as we did not have to put up with being abused, stressed and made to feel like children. Happy times ....... All round

The scrap quilt challenge I set about 10 quilters is coming to the finish and I will soon post pictures of the little quilts, there will be three winners and I will get an independent person picking those.

These little quilts will than be auctioned and i am hoping some of you might like one.
I will post details on how soon, the processed are going to The End women's cancer walk and if we make lots pick second charity.

Happy stitching everyone