Thursday, March 14, 2013

End Women's cancers walk

Hi everyone

Sorry I have been very quiet on the blog front, but been busy with FB... I need more time,grin.
Anyhow all is well and I am getting some sewing done, the other thing I have decided to do is take part in a 60km walk over two days on the last weekend in October to raise money for the Queensland Institute of Medical Research and the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital to end women's cancer.

For this I need to raise some funds and would love your help with a small donation, click on the link End Women's cancer
To make a donation,  three chances for every $ 5 donated

Sorry Australia only as posting the quilt overseas would be to expensive.
The quilt will be drawn on the first Thursday in July.

Thank you for your support.

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Vickie said...

Such a wonderful cause-it would be awesome if they could find an end. Christine a generous item to raise funds by you.Site kept freezing for me just now..I will try again tomorrow..Cheers Vickie