Friday, January 11, 2013


Tuesday was a difficult day for myself and my husband as our daughter left on a flight with her three beautiful girls to meet with her husband 1500km away form us.

Tried to be strong but couldn't hold back the tears as I hug them goodbye, spend the last three days crying my eyes out.
Tonight was wonderful as the phone rang and a little voice said hallo Oma can you give us a call back if you have time? We get free national calls and they don't of course I have time, it was lovely to speak with the two older ones, but I miss them all so much.

Even my husband cried on and off on Tuesday and I didn't realise until then how much it is affecting him too.

I must try and get in to my sewing room and create and be happy about knowing all went well with the big move and I am visiting very soon.

Thanks again for listening and I promise the next post will be happy and pictures of some sewing.



paulette said...

You must do Google Chat with them!! They get to see you and you get to see them! It REALLY feels like you have truly had a visit! It's free too! If you have an iPhone or iPad you can do Facetime which is the same thing!! We are so lucky to have these things at our finger tips!!

SeeingStars said...

Sending warm thoughts to comfort you. Hopefully, y'all can skype every few days so you'll feel like they're here with you. A quilting project here will help tremendously too.

Das Quiltmonster said...

I know what you feel: my daughter and my grandchild are 12 000 km away from me.... It's hard but today you have to live with it... And I'm in my sewing room to make a new baby quilt for baby #2!! That's what me makes al little bit happy...
Greetings from Germany!!!

Karen said...

Hello Christine... I'm so sorry that your family has moved so far away from you & your husband. Of course you will miss them!

Sending hugs your way!

Hugs () () ()

Yvonne said...

I can so imagine your pain Christine! I lived in Spain for a few years and my Mom and Dad missed me and our daughter like I missed them. Hope you and your husband will get many calls and visits to the girls!

Susan said...

Oh Christine, I do feel for you. I have only ever been the one leaving, but now as a parent of a 16 year old I'm starting to see it from the other side. You must have done a very good job as a parent that your daughter has the strength and confidence to go. X

Maxine said...

Hey, you're a Mom who loves her family and shows it. Be happy.

Julia said...

Oh Christine, you will be sad for a while, but with all the tech these days you can see and talk to them.
Thursday night we welcomed my soon to be DIL and her son from Brazil...must have been so hard for her to leave family..
Grand daughter got married much happening!
Julia ♥

Jessica said...

Your feelings are completely understandable...I do hope it gets easier with time and perhaps lots of phone calls will help. Lots of hugs, Jess