Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scrap bag challenge & prizes

I have made up eight bags so far and they are all taken, if you like to play email me private.
Should be fun and no pressure.

I have also sorted two of the three prizes and they are all donated by me.

1st prize to finalise.  But will have a $50 voucher to spend  plus..... More
2nd prize look below, a book, needle and a beautiful tool to help you close your safety pins
3rd prize a charm pack fabrics, clover needle threaded and needles

Come on and play.

I have a few bags that will be a little less challenging as they are more coordinated.
Btw I am also doing the challenge but will not go in to the draw for the giveaways and will ask someone else to pick the three winners.


2nd prize
 3rd prize

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Scrap Bag Challenge

Who wants to play ( if you are international and want to play, you will need to send me a self addressed envelope asap that holds 500g )

I would like to use my scraps.

Send me a self address 500g satchel and I fill it with my scraps and return it to you to use for your challenge quilt.

The idea is easy, make something with my scrap ( some or all ) you can add up to a meter of your own fabric and make a small quilt.
You will also have to provided backing, batting and binding.

It can be anything between 20 x 30 inches and up to 40 inches square. It can be made by hand, machine anyway you like.

Example of sizes:

20 x 30
20 x 35
20 x 40
30 x 40

and so on

Once you get your scrap bag please post a picture of your scraps on your blog or send me a picture and I post them on mine and get sewing.

The quilt needs to be finished by 30th September 2013 and be posted back to me as I would like to auction them in early October via my blog and donate the money raise to charity of your choice (i e. send me your favourite charity and I draw from those the winning charity)

There are three prizes to be won and they are yet to be finalised and be announced as soon as I can.
Any business reading this if you would like to donated towards the prizes please email me private.
Come on and play.


Friday, January 11, 2013


Tuesday was a difficult day for myself and my husband as our daughter left on a flight with her three beautiful girls to meet with her husband 1500km away form us.

Tried to be strong but couldn't hold back the tears as I hug them goodbye, spend the last three days crying my eyes out.
Tonight was wonderful as the phone rang and a little voice said hallo Oma can you give us a call back if you have time? We get free national calls and they don't of course I have time, it was lovely to speak with the two older ones, but I miss them all so much.

Even my husband cried on and off on Tuesday and I didn't realise until then how much it is affecting him too.

I must try and get in to my sewing room and create and be happy about knowing all went well with the big move and I am visiting very soon.

Thanks again for listening and I promise the next post will be happy and pictures of some sewing.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lesson learned

I often wonder why we say that it is good for us to learn lessons in life by going through them?
2012 however has taught me another lesson and that is to trust my instinct when it comes to people.

Over the years I have stopped doing it as I thought I should always try and see the best in people first.

The lesson I have learned is that don't trust what someone tells you and not check for yourself, I have been told one thing and another was the truth and it has cost me a considered amount of money.
Money I could have spend on my family and not on someone else's travel ( if you are reading this, yes I am talking about you, hope you sleep well at night).

I now have to make a decision on where to go from here as I have been advised to take it further.

2013 is going to be a new start, a more assertive me, lots of visits to my grand babies and spending quality time with friends and family.
Forgot  another trip to the US with a couple of friends without having to stroke someones ego and paying for them too.
Feeling better now that this is of my chest, thanks for listening.

Happy sewing to you all

Happy New Year and big changes

Happy New Year to you all and sorry about being so quiet here on my blog. Time has just not been right and I will try and get back in to the swing of things.
The biggest change will be coming on Tuesday as my beautiful daughter and her family will be moving 1500klm away from us. As for all that know me, this will be very difficult for me. I see my lovely three little munchkins just about everyday and I worry about them being so far away.

Guess when my husband and I decided to move our little family in 1983 all the way to Australia we didn't think how it would affect the rest of the family. Guess what now I know and I don't like it.

On a happier note, I have listed some items on my Facebook page and will work out a link if you care to have a look sometime.

Have been doing a little sewing and got some appliqué done.
I have also got a pattern set for sale called Afternoon Delight by Sue Garman and it is $65 including postage in Australia.
Have stitched one block, it is the pinky/ red appliqué one.

Happy sewing to you all

Afternoon Delight by Sue Garman
 Working on Auntie Green's Garden

I love red, this is also the colour of my new car