Monday, October 22, 2012


I have been quiet again and think I know why, I use my ipad a lot and haven't worked out how to publish images to my blog, so I read and don't post.
So tonight I am sitting here with my lap top posting to you. I have just noticed that my 5th anniversary is coming up and will have to think about a giveaway.

Have been teaching for one day up at Buderim about a week ago for some lovely ladies from Stanthope, we had a lovely day and they spend about five days on retreat.
The quilt show has been and gone and I did not go, oh well next year.

I have however finished my small whole cloth quilt before going to the US and it is now on my dining room table.

Bought the lovely book in the front of the picture at Purl Soho in New York.

I have also finished my basket quilt top, sorry the image is not very clear, I am thinking of offering starter kits with the basket fabrics I have used as well as the pattern, let me know if you are interested, background not included, there will be about 100 different 4 x 5 inch pieces of fabric, pattern sheet plus postage.
Will take a better picture tomorrow as this is not very good.

I also met this lovely Lady at Baltimore on the Prairie and she started to show me three quilts she had made for her daughters milestones, didn't take us long to work out that both our daughters have the same birthday, same date, same year....

Have a great day.



Bree said...

welcome back :) looked out for you at the show but obviously you weren't there. are you using the blogger app or just doing it through your web browser on your ipad? I find on my phone i can only upload one or two photos and can't move them around at all.

great to have you back, can't wait to see what you create next.

Jessica said...

I can't wait to see your wholecloth at our next sewing day! ;)
The basket quilt looks beautiful too!

Shabby Quilt said...

I am also doing the same. If you find out how to download photos with your I pad please let me know.
Your quilt looks great.

Sue said...

Hi there! If you use the Apple app called BlogPress, you should be able to post from your iPad. It's really pretty user friendly so maybe you can check it out. I use it for my iPad :)


Sweet Pea said...

I'm yet to try a whole cloth quilt...something I'm aiming to do one day! Our son introduced us to macarons when he was living in Brisbane. I've since discovered that making them is an art, just like patchwork & quilting.

Christine said...

I find I do that with my iPad your basket quilt!