Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hi everyone

I have added a Button on my right side about Inklingo, if you ever wanted to know more just click on it and you will be taken to the site and you receive wonderful information, there are lots of freebies to try too.

Have bought myself the DWR, plus Apple Core design and started printing on fabric.

It is so easy with a cheap bubble jet printer , you just iron on the fabric to freezer paper and print, once it is printed you peel the paper off before cutting out, it can be re-used for more printing.

The freezer paper I have used is C. Jenkins 50 A4 sheets in a pack. I got it from Melbourne. Just google the brand and you will get info on shops that stock it here in Australia.
Any problems let me know.

My friend Deidre has started hand pieces her DWR quilt using this method, it is going to be a wedding gift.

I will show you more in the next few days.


Quilt for sale

I have some quilts for sale here check them out, there are a few posts with quilts, feel free to make me an offer on any of them.

Any offer would have to be plus postage.

We are having little Tahlia' first birthday at our place this saturday.

I have been thinking about all my US friends and hope you and your families are safe.


Doing a little crochet, my longarm is still under cover, grin it is time to get her going again.
Just been in touch with the shop in the US where I got the wool and lucky they still have more as I need it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Basket Quilt

Here is a better picture of my Basket quilt top and I am offering the fabrics for 100 baskets ( each piece 4 x 5inches )and pattern sheet for $ 35 plus postage.
You will have to provide your own backing fabric, email me if you are interested. I have a few fabrics for a similar centre baskets otherwise there will be enough to make four smaller baskets without the centre large one.
My backings are shirting fabrics and I used about 10 different ones.

Monday, October 22, 2012


I have been quiet again and think I know why, I use my ipad a lot and haven't worked out how to publish images to my blog, so I read and don't post.
So tonight I am sitting here with my lap top posting to you. I have just noticed that my 5th anniversary is coming up and will have to think about a giveaway.

Have been teaching for one day up at Buderim about a week ago for some lovely ladies from Stanthope, we had a lovely day and they spend about five days on retreat.
The quilt show has been and gone and I did not go, oh well next year.

I have however finished my small whole cloth quilt before going to the US and it is now on my dining room table.

Bought the lovely book in the front of the picture at Purl Soho in New York.

I have also finished my basket quilt top, sorry the image is not very clear, I am thinking of offering starter kits with the basket fabrics I have used as well as the pattern, let me know if you are interested, background not included, there will be about 100 different 4 x 5 inch pieces of fabric, pattern sheet plus postage.
Will take a better picture tomorrow as this is not very good.

I also met this lovely Lady at Baltimore on the Prairie and she started to show me three quilts she had made for her daughters milestones, didn't take us long to work out that both our daughters have the same birthday, same date, same year....

Have a great day.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Queensland Quilters quilt show next week

Good morning everyone and thank you to all that have left comments on my last post, I will soon be answering comments again, nearly back to feeling normal again.

I was thinking about going to the upcoming Queensland quilt show and wondering if anyone would like to meet as a bloggers meet, say lunch time.
If you are interested let me know the day you are thinking of going and I try and organise something.

I have purchased my first Inklingo patterns and downloaded them, today I will set up my new cheap inkjet printer ( that is what you need ) and will do some printing.

Look out for the post, if you like check out Linda's site and look for some freebies for you to try.
Let her know I sent you and if you have problems she is only an email away.

Have a great day.

Ps. Getting ready to teach a full day class for a quilting group going on retreat at Circle retreat Buderim.
If you need a break check it out here:

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back again

Good morning to anyone that is still coming to visit my blog, sorry it has been so long.
I have been on my trip to the US and Canada and it should have been a trip of a lifetime, well it wasn't all that as it did have some issues and disappointments.
I won't go in to details, but thank you to a number of people that made the trip bearable and still enjoyable for a good part of the trip.

On the quilting front not much is happening at the  moment and I am hoping to get in to sewing very soon.
While in Canada we were lucky to meet Linda Franz from Inklingo and what a lovely lady she is.
Go and check out her website as it will change your mind about hand piecing verses paper piecing.

I am going to give it a go and with her blessing will look in to teaching some classes soon.

The other thing I finally managed and yes don't laugh is hand quilting using a hoop, many of you know I teach lap quilting and have tried many many times to use a hoop and thimble.
After taking a one day class with Nadine Thompson the penny dropped, I won't stop lap quilting but I will now include quilting in a hoop. Yay for me and thank you Nadine.

Baltimore on the Prairie was wonderful, great tutors, great organisers, wonderful food and lovely accommodation. I would like to return if funds permit.

New York was interesting but to busy for my liking and the hotel was terrible. Yes it was central but did not feel safe or comfortable at all, nor was the accommodation in Omaha.
I guess paying the amount we did for the trip I would have thought all our accommodation would be of similar standard to what we had at Niagara Falls or Toronto.

I loved purl soho, a beautiful shop in New York and wonderful staff. Thanks to Glen we did find two lovely quilt shops in Omaha and also thanks to some lovely ladies at Baltimore on the Prairie for driving us Aussie to the Quilted Moose, great shop amazing choice of fabrics and yes we did send parcels home.

Washington DC was a great place to visit and I would go again with my husband, four of us got to the Dar museum only to be told they have just taking down a quilt exebition and that there are none for us to see.
I had met a lady at BOTP and she told me about quilts in the back room that are there to pull out, we pleaded with the young man setting up a new exebition. He got permission for us to go and have a look at them.
Well , they included the Mary Mannakee quilt and five other appliqué quilts, we could take pictures but are not allowed to show them here. Trust me they made the trip worth while.

Anyway that is enough from me for now, I will be back shortly with some picture.
Have a great day