Saturday, July 14, 2012

Auntie Green's Coverlet

or as Irene Blanck calls her version: Auntie Green's Garden

I am glad to have large sliding doors as I could tape part of the pattern ( this is the centre ) on one door for tracing to my fabric, i only trace the bare minimum for placement.

If you have always loved the quilt you can get the pattern from Threadbear in Victoria Australia, for the price the pattern is $ 55 plus postage.

Now that beats the price someone else here in Australia is going to charge, a whooping $ 720 for the pattern only, no mistake that is what the BOM is going to cost.
Once you have picked yourself up of the floor do yourself a favour and check out the above website.
Irene's version is minus the last applique border, but it already measure 78 x 90 inches ( big enough for me), you could design the last applique border with the elements of the previous one.

Anyhow, have a great weekend.
Edit: looks like the pattern is not listed as yet, if you click on their newsletter and open the one for June 2012 you can read all about it and order.


Bree said...

Holy cow that's massive! said...

I'm still on the floor Christine. $720 is beyond ridiculous! toni xx

Nadine said...

Dear Christine,
Indeed I've always wanted to make that gorgeous Auntie Green's quilt! So, as I read your kind information about the possibility of getting the pattern through Threadbare Australia, I immediately clicked on your link, to order it... Unfortunately, I just can't find that pattern on their list :>( Can you help me, maybe ??
THANKS a bunch, dear !


Kate said...

I'm on the floor's just not computing....

Jan-Maree said...

Looks like this is going to be an awesome quilt

GretchenH said...

I just emailed Threadbear and they said they only had the pattern for the duration of the Sydney quilt show and were not going to stock it again. Darn! Anyone know of another place to purchase?