Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Basket and other stuff

I have revised the pattern a little and made a new start, I am going to make a softer coloured quilt and am only using red shirting as backgrounds.
I have emailed a number of patterns and they are all the revised copy, have fun stitching and maybe share an image some time.

I have copied my Basket pattern four times and taped it to one sheet and am using Freezer paper sheets to copy the pattern, makes it all a little faster and easier. These sheets are in a pack of 50 and great, I only put one at a time in the laser printer and it works fine.
The freezer papers can be used a number of times.
At the retreat I made two skirts for the Girls and they are fully reversible, I have also crochet a dew Beanies, Deidre the pink one is a new one for Sarah's little one, hopefully I get the size right.


Kathie said...

cute clothes!!! I always loved making clothes when my girls were little.
OH I should get my baskets out again and finish up
I didn't cut out the center like Blackbird Designs ladies pattern had , I liked seeing the fabrics. Yes I am using shirting's as my backgrounds too, just grounds all the basket fabrics I think

Jessica said...

The skirts are so cute!
Love how your baskets are looking!

Barb said...

baskets look great and those reversible skirts are fabulous! I love the colors and patterns - how fun!

Jan-Maree said...

All so cute! Love the baskets - that will make a gorgeous quilt! And those beanies and scarves! Love them!

Yvonne said...

You really have been busy! Cute skirts you have made and I love the crochet. Are you appliqing by hand?

Deidre said...

As much as I would love to make baskets with you, I have to focus all my attention on Auntie Green. There is much happening with this project it is getting scary. I am sure the pink beanie will be fine. Thanks for making it for Jorga. Jae likes the skirts so I may have to borrow the pattern :)

Bree said...

Lucky little girls with kaffe fasset skirts!

Janet said...

I love that freezer paper for the printer, I've just run out. The baskets look lovely and the skirts are adorable. What pattern are you using Christine?

Janet said...

I forgot to say that the crochet hats are adorable, I know lots of people making them, they're very popular.