Thursday, May 31, 2012

Circle Retreat...

I am so looking forward to the June long weekend as I am going on retreat with some lovely friends.
We are going from Friday lunchtime till Monday afternoon, yeeepppiiiii.

If you like to see some pictures of people having enjoyed a retreat at Buderim check out Stacey's blog, she is the owner of the retreat.

Go here:

Stacey's Circle Retreat or the website if you want to see when you can go:


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sorry I have been busy....

Hallo everyone I have been so busy and feel bad not blogging.
I had another weigh in on Monday and lost another 3 kg, all up now about 22kg. I can't tell you how great I feel and don"t ever want to put it on again.

My knees are so good now, I have no pain anywhere, the Doctor is over the moon about my blood test ( have known him for nearly 30 years ) and blood pressure back to normal.

Anyhow last weekend I was lucky to take part in a workshop by Tresa Jones from Baltimore on the Prairie and it was wonderful, I am looking forward to my trip in September as we spend 5 days stitching at her applique academy.

Also if you have an Ipad and need a cover go here, Jess has designed this wonderful cover and yes it is for me.... jess has written a tutorial for you to make your own.

The images are from my weekend away, some crochet little beanies and another quilt on the machine.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just the binding..

Quilting done and only binding to do, it is cut and ready to sew. I am now going to get my haircut, fruit and vegie shopping, sew the binding and pick up Sophie from school. Yes another busy day, I don't think I am ever bored.

I pieced the quilt in two afternoons, quilted it in another two afternoons and am pleased how quick I got this done. Our little Emily just two would also like a quilt and I will have to think what I might do for her.

The backing is pieced with, also I have fabric left from my swaps and gifts and purchases and am happy to pass them on here in Australia, sorry but there are too many to post overseas with the cost of postage.

Let me know if you might have something in mind you want to make and I send them.

Thanks again to everyone that helped me with the fabrics.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quilting Sophie's quilt

I have started quilting Sophie's quilt and am happy so far with the free form quilting, hope she likes it.
The bottom two images are another customer quilt that I have finished yesterday.
Isn't it lovely how the wool blend batting gives the quilting a little loft.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guess what...

Yes another weigh in today and I lost another 2.6 kg, I am now having the odd meal and introduce some food, so I am pleased I am still going down.... I have now just a little short of having lost 20 kg and I couldn't be happier. Starting to exercise more and feeling great. Thank you for all your support. Till next time Christine