Friday, April 13, 2012


I haven't posted for a while, had a cold and was feeling a little under the weather.
DH is still sick and had a week off work, this is his first time off sick, ever......

Had another visit to my dietitian and lost another 2.5kg and feeling better and better. That makes it just over 17kg or 38lbs in 12 weeks, I got the ok from my doctor and can do the program another three weeks and after that go down to two shake per day.

Have also been quilting for customers and trying to get some charity quilts done too.

Take care

ps. forgot to tell you a funny story, I cooked potatoes on Tuesday and just couldn't not resist in having a small piece only to realise how hot it was and instead of spitting it out tried to swallow... well it got stuck in my throat and kept burning so now I have a very very sore throat feeling I have something stuck. Not nice....


shez said...

oh noo Christine thats not a funny story,poor you hope you are better soon.xx

Jan-Maree said...

Sorry to hear that your hubby is still sick and so sorry to hear about your burning your throat. Bet you won't sneak a piece again in a hurry.
Hope you are both feeling 100% really soon. hugs

Yvonne said...

Sometimes punishment comes quick my mother should have said.
That wasn't what you had in mind when steeling a bite did you?
I was thinking about you yesterday for not hearing you for a while. Glad you are feeling better and your weightloss is super!

Jessica said...

I hope you and hubby feel better soon...Well done on the diet results!

paulette said...

Not so funny...ouch!!
My SIL had a hot spark shoot out from a campfire and it went down her top..and lodged between her breasts! She hopped around like crazy...almost ripped her top off in the a nasty blister and scar! I told her that's what she gets for having cleavage!! Cover those babies up!! haha I know..I'm terrible!
Hope your throat feels better soon!!

Doreen said...

Well done Christine with such a significant weight should feel very proud of yourself. I can't wait to see the quilt..will pick it up this week.

Val said...

Hope you feel better soon. A burnt throat sounds very uncomfortable I hate when I just burn my tongue a bit. Your weight loss is going really well.

Kathie said...

funny but not really....I was wondering how you were losing so much weight so fast, I didn't realize you were on a shake diet from a doctor.
congrats on the weight loss.