Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Australian fabrics

I met Ami one half of the former Oz Dye Art business many years ago and we worked together for a short time.

Ami and Michelle used to design Australian patterns and fabrics, I came across Ami's new venture with her daughter Sara and thought I tell you about it.

Ami and Sara have opened a store with Etsy and you can find it here and you can find some lovely handmade items that are made from Australian designed and printed fabrics.

I was also lucky to have received some of Ami's treasured fabrics to use on the labels for the Aussie Hero Laundry bags and quilts. Thank you Ami


shez said...


Jan-Maree said...

Oh I love their fabrics - can you still buy them or can you only buy their things made from their fabrics. SO nice of them to give you some for Aussie Heroes! How generous! Can't wait to see what you make!

Ami said...

Thank you Christine for telling our story. :-). Glad you received your parcel. Happy stitching. Hugs. Ami