Monday, April 30, 2012

Sophie's Quilt take two....

Below is another customer Quilt, sorry forgot to take a picture before folding and it is now in the post.

 This is Sophie's Quilt as of tonight, it is a pattern... must let you know the name of it. I still have to fuse some bubbles and then it is ready to be quilted.
She saw the Dolphin on the floor this afternoon after I got her from prep. and she had to lay beside it to see if she was taller.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sophie's Quilt and another for a Soldier

I have finally had time today to start on Sophie's Ocean fabric quilt and finished the 15 court house steps blocks and I have also stitched a panel on the right side ( not in the picture) and that is going to get a large appliqued Dolphin. You will just have to wait a few days and I show you hopefully the nearly completed quilt top.

The other quilt is on it's way to Afghanistan for one of our Soldiers based there.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Australian fabrics

I met Ami one half of the former Oz Dye Art business many years ago and we worked together for a short time.

Ami and Michelle used to design Australian patterns and fabrics, I came across Ami's new venture with her daughter Sara and thought I tell you about it.

Ami and Sara have opened a store with Etsy and you can find it here and you can find some lovely handmade items that are made from Australian designed and printed fabrics.

I was also lucky to have received some of Ami's treasured fabrics to use on the labels for the Aussie Hero Laundry bags and quilts. Thank you Ami

Lest we Forget

In memory of all the fallen Soldiers. My little Sophie is in prep this year and not yet five years old, she came home from school yesterday and told her mum she is proud of her Daddy. As you know he is still away in Afghanistan, but she did say she wanted her Dad to have a job like the kids next door as their Dad comes home each night.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Not been idle

First quilt is a customer quilt, another Laundry bag to post. Hungry Caterpillar for a customer, the black quilt is for a family in Canberra that has lost everything in a house fire, the top was donated and I added the backing, batting, quilted and bound the quilt ready to send before it gets cold.
The nine patch quilt is now in Afghanistan and hopefully gives some comfort to another Aussie Soldier.

Watch out I will have a giveaway in the next few days.
Happy stitching

Friday, April 13, 2012


I haven't posted for a while, had a cold and was feeling a little under the weather.
DH is still sick and had a week off work, this is his first time off sick, ever......

Had another visit to my dietitian and lost another 2.5kg and feeling better and better. That makes it just over 17kg or 38lbs in 12 weeks, I got the ok from my doctor and can do the program another three weeks and after that go down to two shake per day.

Have also been quilting for customers and trying to get some charity quilts done too.

Take care

ps. forgot to tell you a funny story, I cooked potatoes on Tuesday and just couldn't not resist in having a small piece only to realise how hot it was and instead of spitting it out tried to swallow... well it got stuck in my throat and kept burning so now I have a very very sore throat feeling I have something stuck. Not nice....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

To sleep or draw?

This is what Emily age two was up to yesterday when she was suppose to sleep for the afternoon.....
I guess a graffiti artist in the making......

Sophie age 4.5 keeps telling her that Daddy is not going to be happy when he gets back from Afghanistan and Emily just says:

naughty, naughty......

You got to laugh ( mind you not in front of her)

BTW these pens are not wash out pens, glad I didn't buy those.