Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weight loss

I have had a number of you ask about how I am losing my weight , well I have tried over the years many things and nothing has worked for me like this.
After I went about my knee back in December only to be told by the surgeon to lose some weight first, of course I didn' t like him having telling
me that, I went home and sulked for a few days.

I went back to my GP and discussed it with him and he suggested to try the intensive weightless clinic, they usually do this only short term for people to lose weight prior to surgery, but because I am doing so well it is ok for me to stay on it longer.

All it is is three shakes per day, about 600 calories, two pieces of fruit and as many vegetables as I like. I do have check ups, blood test to make sure my liver and everything else is ok.

I must say I have never felt this good about a diet before, maybe I was just ready.

Last year was not good for me and I needed to take control.


chris said...

Congrats on the losses - the only time we are happy with losses! How's the knee now - will you still have to have surgery? Don't forget to wear you name badge so I know you when we next see each other.

shez said...

hmmm interesting,i have just started herbal life.xx

Kate said...

Christine - it is a great achievement! Well done.

circle retreat quilter said...

Great work Christine. keep well... hows is the knee when do you have the op now?

Jan-Maree said...

keep on keeping on Christine - you are doing great and it is obviously doing great things for you!

Michelle said...

Congratulations Christine, that's wonderful! Nothing beats the feeling of being healthy and happy xx