Saturday, March 3, 2012

Please read if you are using Pinterest

I know I promised no more, but I found this blog and boy oh boy everyone using Pinterest needs to be reading this.

Go here:

This was sent to me by another blogger ( Hi Belinda ) who also is concerend about stuff being taken without permission.



Mad about Craft said...

I've deleted my pinterest account. I know it doesn't stop others taking my images and pinning them but I don't want to unknowingly be in breach of copyright.

Jamie Lee said...

Hi, I have been thinking about your posts about Pinterest. I happen to disagree with some of your points. I am not a regular Pinterest user, but when it first got popular, I made some boards, but I haven't been on it in a few weeks. I don't have a problem with people pinning things from blogs, even my own. In my opinion, pinning photos from a blog is not akin to going into someone's house uninvited and stealing photos from an album. Blog owners put photos on their blogs without password restraints or a limit to who can view them. A person shouldn't put stuff out in the public domain if it's not public. I don't really see the difference between pinning and bookmarking something or printing it out. I can print a photo of any quilt I want to that happens to be posted online. Secondly, it just makes me feel like people are only out to make money with their blogs if pinning is such a threat. Is a blog just a commercial? If so, I will tune out. I buy plenty (tons really) of fabric and patterns from reading blogs. But I like to think that quilter's blogs are at least 80% love of the craft and only 20% sales pitch. Finally, I have written a pattern that I sell on Etsy and it's nothing important or ground breaking, but if someone pinned that image and then made their own from the photo, I could care less. I don't own the copyright to cupcakes and strips of fabric cut up, just like I find it ridiculous that people can get uptight about sewing some charms together. I am happy to buy a pattern so I don't have to do any measurements, but if someone has the time to figure out how to make a pieced quilt that's inspired by something they see online, by all means go for it! The half square triangle wasn't invented yesterday.

I'm not sure what people have pinned of yours, and I get mad too when people copy a person's tutorial or pattern and post it as their own, but hopefully that is only a very tiny percentage of users. Otherwise, I don't see what the big deal is. My neighbor's daughter used Pinterest to pin photos of things she wants to do at her wedding. It seems like that is the same as ripping pages out of wedding magazines and putting them in a folder, which is what I did when I got married. The medium has changed, but the idea behind it doesn't seem any different to me.

I have read a few of the links but it all seems quite vague to me, so I would be interested to see what happens in the future.

I enjoy reading your blog, and I promise not to pin anything without permission ever again!

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Back at ya Christine!!

Heather said...

I understand your point of view, and was actually concerned for the copyright problem myself. I waited a LONG time before signing up for a pinterest account myself. I was happy to learn that the original location of every photo stays with the photo no matter how many times it get re-pinned. So a person can always go back to the blog or website that the photo came from. I personally am not using the photos to infringe on anyone's creative right or "steal" ideas, moreso to keep track of things I like. I will definitely be reading further into this though, since I think your point of view is a very important one! Thank you for sharing about it! :o)

LeKaQuilt said...

Hi, this link is to a site that shows how to provent somebody to copy your pictures to Pinterest.

Hugs Lena