Friday, March 30, 2012

iPad HD

Edit:thanks Deidre I have bought a case today...

I am in love with my new toy, yes my iPad , fun fun fun....

When I ordered it I had it engraved for free and also bought the smart cover, as well as the attachment to download pictures straight from my camera or the SD card.

What I would love is to make a cover, has anyone made one or knows a pattern?
For my iMac pro I have a wonderful red leather case my son bought for me but they don't make them for the iPad .

Have been teaching my last class before Easter , but have a ever growing number of quilts to quilt. Not complaining ..... Just need to stay on top of it all.

Must take some pictures of new books, yarn and fabric I bought.
DH had a study day today and has been very good sending of another part of his study for marking, can't wait for him to finish. Not easy to study when you reach his age, very big grin he is much older than me... Six whole years to be exact.

Have a great day

Ps. Must be time for another giveaway soon


Jessica said...

How big is an Ipad? (I am not tech savvy!) there are lots of tutes for ebook covers on various blogs.
Sounds like there is lots of busy happening in your house at the moment!

Bree said...

i'm sure quilt dad did ipad covers

Dorothy said...

Hi Christine,
I have ablack leather case for my iPad . I got it at JB HiFi. You may be able to get a red one. I have wonderful quilt Apps from the USA quilt museums and the V&A red and white quilt display. Lots to do with an iPad. Have fun.

Stina said...

Waiting for my iPad to arrive any day now... so If you find out something smart.. I hope you share with me.. curious minds wants to know..:O))) So I am WAITING!!!!!!

trace said...

Check out this blog and her iPad cover tutorial. It's great!

Deidre said...

Happy to help.