Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aussie Hero Quilts

Check out the Aussie Hero Quilt blog and see all the great work that is being done, thank Jan-Maree ( the nine patches are the one's you sent and the fabric is from the samples that had been dropped in to my place)

Now I have to finish a baby quilt that is on my machine and quilt a class sample and after that this quilt.

bye for now


shez said...

you are a busy lady Christine.xx

Kathie said...

you can never go wrong with nine patches!
looks great

Jan-Maree said...

I was just scrolling along catching up on the all the blogs I need to read and all of a sudden I read Aussie Hero Quilts and hold on it isn't my blog! Love what you have done with the none patches! They look great. Like Kathie said, you just can't go wrong with nine patches! happy stitching and thanks Christine!

A Blessed Life said...

Wonderful, it is great that you have joined in and it feels so good to do something for our troops well done!

Janet said...

Yay for the nine patch. What a great reason to make the quilt. I thought you'd given up teaching or was that machine quilting for others? In any case, you have plenty to keep you busy.

sue niven said...

Great job, well done.