Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The post on Pinterest

Well to test the link on changing my settings in Blogger, I had to open an account to make sure it did and yes it works ( i have also now closed the account again)
So if you don't want your pictures shared change your setting in Blogger as per previous post.

Now I promise no more on Pinterest.

Next post is going to be about the new quilt I have started, stay tuned.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is only some of the fabrics you wonderful quilter's have sent me for Sophie's quilt, I will start on it asap.
I am going to sent out goodies to each of you in the next few days as a swap and thank you.

She loves these fabrics, I have some more and will take photos in the next few days and share them with you too

Thank you again


Yes me again

Good morning all, there seems to be confusion on what Pinterest is, people seem to think all they are doing is pinning a picture and link to their pin board so they know where it came from if needed again...

The issue I have with Pinterest is that whatever is pinned on Pinterest has been taken without permission of the owner of the picture.
How about I come in to your home and take a picture from your family album and publish it on Pinterest, oh yes I link the source back to your place.... that makes it ok not to ask ?????

If you have pictures taken by a photographer they become his, you purchase copies from him, but he owns the copyright.
Sometimes you can be lucky and they give you permission to have copies made anywhere or as many as you like but not in general.

All I am asking is that if you like the picture and would love to publish it somewhere ask first. I know I am not making friends with this but that's ok too. It is my blog and I think I have the right to decide if I want any of my material taken from this blog and used somewhere other than my blog.


Monday, February 27, 2012

weight loss

Yes another weight loss and this week it was 1.2kg, I have now lost 10.4kg , nearly 23 pounds in six weeks and am over the moon feeling great.

Regarding Pinterest I found when putting the code in that it came up with error, so instead of using the " in the code I used the ' and it worked.

Also I am not trying to be difficult about this, but even people doing the pinning can get in to serious trouble without even wanting to do something wrong in the first place.
If you read the article on Pinterest and copyright you know what I mean.

It is a compliment in many ways when someone pins your work because they like it, I just would like to be ask.
Take care

Here you find a way..... Pinterest

Edit: this link does work

This is a link where you can read about a way on stopping items being taken from your blog and pinned, make sure you read it all before starting as it says make a copy of your blog first.

This seems to be a very big issue and I hope this helps.


Pinterest and copyright

Here is a link about copyright and Pinterest, very interesting:


Sunday, February 26, 2012

would like to know what is on Pinterest?

If you like to know how many pictures have been published from your blog on Pinterest go here:

after the last forward slash you enter you blog address not including http://.

You will be amazed how many of your images are there.

Have fun

Thanks Bree....

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Could I please ask everyone to ask me first before posting or taking images from my blog and putting them on Pinterest.

Thank you.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I received this comment on my post about quilting....

Tammy said this:

......I think you are contradicting yourself on this topic. You say “I noticed in the last few years going to quilt shows that a very large number of quilts are now being quilted by a second person on a longarm, don't get me wrong I know we all only have so many hours in the day to get things done, but I think it is a shame that this is happening.” And, “To me making a quilt includes all steps.” However, here you are making money by quilting “customer quilts.” Hmmmm.

The reason I bought a long arm a few years ago is that I thought I would like it and the Aus $ was so strong I could afford to buy one. The other reason was that I could quilt samples quicker.
If I had my time again I wouldn't buy another one as I don't enjoy it. Yes I have made some money with my long arm quilting but I don't have to like it.
I certainly am not out there promoting my long arm quilting, on the contrary I always try and encourage my students to quilt their own quilt.

Thank you Tammy for your comment.


Weight loss continues

Only lost 0.8kg this last week but a loss is a loss, I am now on 9.2kg and feeling great.

Hoping to make it 10kg by next Monday.

Have a great day, it is so muggy here in Brisbane I think we are in for a big storm this afternoon.


Sunday, February 19, 2012


I love all your comments regarding quilting and I guess in the end the most important is to keep on making quilts......

Ok back to my machine, I have customer quilts to finish and one very kind lady has been waiting for me to feel better to get back to it ( thank you Toni ), your quilt is on the machine as I write.


Quilting Quilts

Edit: This post is not to criticise, it is only to spark discussions. I admire the longarm quilter that turns quilts in to works of art without a computer.

Good morning everyone...

I have been busy yesterday teaching two classes one on needleturn applique and the other hand quilting.
This made me think about quilting in general, how does everyone feel about quilting quilts?

I for one love finishing my own quilts, either on my domestic machine, or hand quilt, don't do many of mine on my longarm maybe because I enjoy quilting and try not to make it to difficult for me to manage even on my domestic machine.

I noticed in the last few years going to quilt shows that a very large number of quilts are now being quilted by a second person on a longarm, don't get me wrong I know we all only have so many hours in the day to get things done, but I think it is a shame that this is happening.
As I said I know the quilts that are custom quilted look amazing, but are they quilts to snuggle under, are they still soft or are they show pieces only?
To me making a quilt includes all steps, how do you feel about quilting?

Food for thought.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

7 gifts are on their way

Hi all

I have posted the seven gifts from my giveaway today, keep an eye out for your little something.

Thanks all for playing

More laundry bags

I had some time on Sunday so I stitched three more laundry bags to go to Afghanistan.
Thank you to everyone sending me well wishes regarding my weight loss.

I am in a very good place right now.


Monday, February 13, 2012


Sorry you might get over this but I have lost in the last nine days another 3.1kg or 6.8 pounds, all up in four weeks I have lost

8.4 kg or 18.5 pounds

I am so over the moon and know I can do it this time, feeling so much better and am only taking one slow release pain killer, nothing else yeeeeppppiiiiii.

hugs to you all

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ocean , Sea novelty prints

Good morning to you all

I am on a mission, my little grand daughter Sophie is mad on anything in the Ocean, i. e. Dolphin's , Whale's, Fish, Turtles anything and she would like a quilt.
Could any of you put me in the right direction or even swap with me, I don't mind how large or small the pieces are so I can make a quilt for her.

I am happy in return send you one of my patterns or fat quarter or whatever we could agree on.

Thank you for your help

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Giveaway winners

Well I have decided to giveaway 6 fat 1/4's plus the pattern, as my Birthday is on the 7th and I love the number 7:

A fat 1/4 goes to the following:






The Quilted finish

and the pattern goes to:


please email me your postal address and I get them in the post asap.
Thank you for all the lovely Birthday wishes and we had a wonderful day on Saturday.

quilting hugs

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Make sure you enter my giveaway a couple a posts ago.
There are two days left to enter.......

Good luck

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hot of the press...

Yay again, I have lost anther 2.1kg and now have lost a grand total of:

5.3kg in three weeks or 11.66 pounds yeepppyyyyy

Thanks for all the support


ps. I am now once again of all medications and that is how it is going to stay, had another blood test and this one revealed that I have had Glandular Fever in the past, hm maybe that is way I was feeling off for so long.
The doctor can't tell me when I had it, just that I did.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Giveaway, re-draw and a Book I purchased..

edit: Pizza for me will be very small very thin and has been ok'ed by my dietician just this ones.
, I might not even have any.... the diet is working and I don't want to stuff it up. Will let you know how I went.

Two more fabrics for the two more laundry bags.... they are Jo Morton fabrics and I got them for $ 7.95 per meter.

I am giving away four ( 4 ) fat quarters of the Turkey red fabric, it is a reproduction fabric, I went back to the shop the other day and bought what was left on the bolt. There are now nearly 9 meters in my cupboard.
Leave a comment and I will draw the four winners on Tuesday 7th for my Birthday.
We are having a big Pizza day this Saturday as there are five of us having a Birthday in the same week.

My son turned 30 this Tuesday, my daughter in law is tomorrow, my grand daughter Emily will be 2 on Saturday and my son in law will celebrate his Birthday Monday in Afghanistan and mine is Tuesday coming.

I am having a re-draw for the little pattern as the last winner didn't get in touch, leave a comment if you like to be in the draw for it.

I have also bought this book for myself after I received a Christmas Bauble last Christmas as the way from Norway, thought I try and knit some.