Saturday, January 14, 2012

Laundry Bags for our Soldiers

I made two yesterday morning and have posted them to Jan-Maree

They are very fast and easy to make.

I have also bought 5m of fabric ( no I don't need any ) but couldn't leave this in the shop as it was only $ 7.95 it is a reproduction and I used it in my Kim McLean quilt and this will be the backing.
The colour in the picture is not true, the sun came in to my room, it is a real Turkey Red........

Today has been the second day on my diet, I have enlisted help and am going to a weight loss clinic, I am tired of being overweight and in pain. Wish me luck !!!!!
I want to be fifty ( well turned that last year) and fit and fabulous, very big grin............ normally my DH would sabotage my efforts but I have told the dietitian and she said if he does to bring him in and she will have a chat to him, hihihihih.

I told him and he said you didn't tell her that, oh yes I did.
Have a wonderful Sunday



Jan-Maree said...

Great Laundry bags Christine and GOOD LUCK with the weight loss program. Good for you getting help!!!!! Stick to your guns!

Jessica said...

Does DH like your cooking that much? Yes get him over to see the dietician! I'm here cheering for you...Go Christine!

Kathie said...

good for you with the diet, yes my goal this year too.
great fabric!

Barb said...

great looking bags.
Good luck on the diet. It's hard (I went on one last august) but the results feel great -
I do my best when my husband is out of town and the kids are at shcool, lol.

Kate said...

Happy New Year Christine!! Good on you for getting support - and for letting your DH know how serious you are!! You are a determined young thing, so I know you'll do well!!

Ann Marie said...

Good for you!
Love your sale fabric.

Janet said...

I love your goal of being fifty and fabulous! We'll all cheer you on.
That red fabric was such a great find, lucky you.

Yvonne said...

Good for you that you started a diet. I lost 7 kilo's since october and I feel much better already! Husband's can be a real pain in the .....(you know where) especially if they like you with some flesh on the bones :)
Hope it goes well with your diet!

Cathy said...

All the best with your diet Christine, I too am going back to a group this week. xo