Sunday, January 29, 2012

Add a Watermark to a document...

can some clever person with a Mac please tell me how I add a watermark to my document, thank you....


Banana Republic ?????

I didn't think think we are a Banana Republic in Australia, but we sure are not good at fixing things that we all pay high Taxes for.

I am talking about our Road, yes I know we are a big Country and only have x amount of Tax payers, but we have had one Bridge under water last year January 2011 and because it is an old Bridge has not been re-opened.
Needless to say the newer Bridge is down to one lane in and out of Petrie. They just closed the Bridge and this is how it has been for 12 month.

The traffic going in and out of Petrie is a nightmare, there is another way that could be used but it gets flooded with any decent rainfall and the Highway going north is a nightmare at the best of times. Sitting in that traffic and having to put up with that as well as bad tempered drivers in not a lot of fun.
This is really grinding on the good old nerves, apparently the Bridge is not being fixed or rebuilt is because Sate and Local Council are arguing about who is paying, well let me tell you I and every one paying HIGH Car registrations is paying so get on with it.
We also get massive pot holes in new roads after a good down poor....
I have written to the local Member and we see what will come of it, I told her not to write back until she has an answer.
The other thing I am thinking of starting is a Petition going. These Politicians need a kick in the you know where.....

Thanks for listening, if anyone knows of any regulations regarding a Petition could you email me please....
And you know there are still so many people without their Homes after the floods due to the Insurances playing silly buggers too, my heart goes out to them.

Have a good one

The next email is going to the local paper..... can you tell I am fed up?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Teaching again

Edit: this little quilt will be available as a pattern very soon, thank you for asking.

Yes I am back teaching some classes and this is my new Introduction to needle turn Applique, we only work on the centre block in the one three hour lesson.
I have plans to make this a larger quilt over time, I usually plan my quilts as I go.

Still raining in Brisbane...


ps. this is my own design, please respect copyright.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I don't know about any of you, but when I buy clothes I just buy them hoping they fit as I hate trying on clothes in the shops.

I get all hot and bothered..... so needless to say I have the odd pair of pants and shirt that are just a little snug ( well don't fit ), but have to say I tried one pair on this morning and they fit. So instead of going to the shops straight away I can just have a look in my wardrobe and find something to wear that is new as I lose this weight.

That is a bonus I guess....

Big thank you

Big thank you to you all for your support, I think I am ready for the first time in years to stick to losing this weight...


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another loss

Well only 1 kg this week, but it is a loss..... still going strong

It is raining here so much and I am getting slowly over it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Funny Story

I went to a large shopping centre ( mall ) last week and as all you Australian readers know we have little shops, side stand in the middle of the isles.
Anyway I was going past this make up place and this handsome young 6 foot plus young man waved a card at me to have my make up done, as I don't wear make up I waved him off, anyway he stopped me and said :

Imagine ( french accent )

I am a make up artist form France and could I please ask you one question? I said yes and he said what do you use on your face for your skin? I said nothing, he said nothing? I said no never........

His reply:
Oh wow you sure have beautiful skin... grin do you think he thought I change my mind about having my make up done?

Laugh I said to him I think it is because I am a little chubby.

This doesn't happen to me very often, you know hitting 50 last year and all the rest but it made me smile anyway.

Have a wonderful day

ps. thank you for all the lovely comments on my previous post and the well wishes. I think I cracked it this time, feeling good.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yay to me....

I went today for my weigh in and planning my exercise program and guess what.....

I have lost 2.2kg or nearly 5 pounds in the first 4 1/2 days, yippppeeeeee.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Laundry Bags for our Soldiers

I made two yesterday morning and have posted them to Jan-Maree

They are very fast and easy to make.

I have also bought 5m of fabric ( no I don't need any ) but couldn't leave this in the shop as it was only $ 7.95 it is a reproduction and I used it in my Kim McLean quilt and this will be the backing.
The colour in the picture is not true, the sun came in to my room, it is a real Turkey Red........

Today has been the second day on my diet, I have enlisted help and am going to a weight loss clinic, I am tired of being overweight and in pain. Wish me luck !!!!!
I want to be fifty ( well turned that last year) and fit and fabulous, very big grin............ normally my DH would sabotage my efforts but I have told the dietitian and she said if he does to bring him in and she will have a chat to him, hihihihih.

I told him and he said you didn't tell her that, oh yes I did.
Have a wonderful Sunday


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trip to the US

Well yes I am going again and can't wait, it will be wonderful.

It is again a organised trip by the wonderful Gail from Sew Creative, but this time it will be about a month.

We are first going to take part at the Applique Academy Baltimore on the Prairie, the trip will take us also to Washington DC, New York, Baltimore and Canada....

I feel very selfish, but DH said he is going to have a holiday by me being away, how do you think I should feel about this statement? Men.............grin

Hopefully I can fit in meeting some of you wonderful quilters, that would be a bonus.

Have a great day, form a very hot day here in Brisbane


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Florence Peto Quilt

Hi all

Check out my other blog Quilter's Trading Post as I am going to sell my prize winning Florence Peto Quilt, it is my version of her wonderful little quilt.

Have a Happy new year

ps. I have paid my deposit for another fantastic trip to the US later this year, all I have to do now is work again, grin.