Friday, December 30, 2011

Laundry Bags for our Soldiers

( this is only a sample, we would like them in different fabrics for each, check out Jan-Maree's blog and you can see all the wonderful different bags )

You need:

2 pieces of fabric, one is for lining and one for outer Laundry bag about 42/44 inches x about 30 to 32 inches ( I made this one just using a sheet to show you, would make the outer different, maybe even a heavier fabric)

one 4 inch strip x 42 inches ( casing for the cording )

Cording about 50 inches

cut selvage off, fold width in half and stitch the the two seams, down one long side and the bottom, repeat for lining but leave a gap ( see second picture ) in the bottom for turning inside out later.
Outer Bag and Lining will measure about 21 inches by 30 inches ( not that important as long as the two measure the same)

Fold the two ends of 4 inch strip twice ( about 1/2 inch each time) and do a triple row of stitching just to make it a little stronger.
Fold in half length wise with right side out. You can see in the picture below that the strip will be shorter than the with of the bag.

Pin to the right side of the outer Laundry bag with the raw edges matching and stitch, turn the outer Laundry bag right side out, see picture below

Now tuck in the outer Laundry bag inside the lining bag and match the seam and stitch around the whole bag, you can now pull the outer bag through the gap in the bottom of the lining. Stitch the gap and push the lining inside the Laundry bag.
Topstitch around the bag just as picture and feed in a cord.

Hope this makes sense, please email if you have any questions.

SSCS from Elin

I received this beautiful wall handing from Elin in the Secret Santa Christmas Swap, I have been taking part three years now and it is a lot of fun.
Thank you Chookyblue for organising this.

Elin as you can see I love the wall hanging and it is in our spare room, we put new floors in and painted it. I love it thank you.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winners of the Indygo Pattern giveaway

Number # 2 Jessica
You have won: Fruit of the Vine

Number # 5 Dorothy
You have won: YoYo Dachshund pattern

Number # 38 Circle Retreat Quilter ( Stacey )
You have won: Composition Cover pattern

Number # 51 Quilter in the Gap aka Rhonda
You have won: Accessory Case pattern

please email me all with your postal address and I get them in the mail asap.

Thank you again to Indygo Junction for sponsoring this giveaway


Monday, December 26, 2011

Laundry Bag

As some of you might know, my son in law is leaving for Afghanistan/Tarin Kowt on the 30th December and I read on Jan-Maree's blog about these laundry bags, because all the issued laundry bags look alike the laundry often gets mixed up and goes missing.
Jan-Maree and her group have made personalised laundry bags for some soldiers so they can recognise their laundry quicker on it's return to the base.

With Lee leaving at the end of this week I made his laundry bag today, it is lined and I used some left over backing I had. I think it turned out lovely and I am sure Lee will be able to pick out his laundry quickly from the others.
If any of you would like to do something for our soldiers to make their life away from home easier, this would be a great gift.
Happy to send you the instructions, measurements and to send them on to Afghanistan.

Happy New Year to you all

I am drawing the winners tomorrow.... for the patterns

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year, thank you for visiting my blog and also your friendship in 2011.

I hope you all have a great start to the New Year and get to spend Christmas with your loved ones.

Quilting hugs

Quilters Trading Post

Hi all

I have added a few new items to my other blog, Quilter's Trading Post if you care to have a look.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

two more applique blocks done

Pillow cases

Sophie is in to anything under water world at the moment and loves Whale's, I made her this pillow case and it has become her best friend.
Emily also needed one as one can't have anything the other one has.

Found the instructions on a blog and they are so quick to make.


I was lucky and won this oh so cute little pouch from Stacey's as well as the instructions.

Thank you it fits business cards just perfect or credit card and a little change.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As I told you before I was lucky to be asked to choose some items from the wonderful people at Indygo Junction for me and also a copy each for my readers.

The Book is just lovely and I would love to make some of the cushions as well as the Family Tree wall hanging or maybe even the lovely Christmas one.

The Dachshund soft toy will be made three times as I now have three little grand daughters and I am sure they will all love one.

The little pouches make great gifts as well as the journal cover, hopefully I get some done before Christmas as stocking fillers.

I am going to draw 4 names on the 25th December, all you have to do is check out Indygo Junctions website and name another Book or Pattern they have for sale.
Leave a comment on this post and make sure I can contact you.

Have fun checking out their site, I sure did.