Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alma Park Zoo

My daughter and her little ones have annual passes to the local Zoo, only about 5minutes from here and go every two weeks.
Sophie rang me on Tuesday morning to see if I would like to come, well I wouldn't miss spending time with them would I?

We had a lovely morning, it is very funny Emily ( 19 month ) is very scared of all domestic animals, but let her near Lizards, Snakes, Kangaroos she can't get enough, loves them.
Sophie would love a Peacock feather and always hopes to find one, she ask me if she could just pull one out, hm I said to no as it would be like pulling out her hair and she soon changed her mind.
If you click on the pictures you can see a rare white Kangaroo, it was a little shy and wouldn't come to us.

ps. had a lovely sewing day on Wednesday, thanks for coming Girls....


Jessica said...

Sounds like a fun day for the littlies. I might have to look into the annual pass.
Sewing day was great, thank you for hosting it!

Deidre said...

Sorry I missed sewing day:( Hopefully next time. Glad you had a good time at the Zoo.

Janet said...

What a great day you all must have had. I've never seen a white kangaroo.

Yvonne said...

What a beautiful park, it must have been fun to go there with your grandchildren! Cute white kangeroe!

Lisa said...

Loved the pic of the albino kangaroo. He must be pretty rare. I never get tired of seeing animal pics. Kangaroos and koala bears are kind of magical to me.