Sunday, September 25, 2011

New blog

Hi all

I have decided to overcome my tired feeling and not having any mojo is to clear my head and my sewing room.
This is why I have started another blog called Quilter's Tradingpost
where you can purchase some items that need a new home.

I am currently only sending to Australia, but if there is anything some of you girls overseas really really need I will find out postage and then you can decide if you really need the item.
There are going to be more items listed over the next few weeks, so come back again.
If you are the first person to sign up as a follower you are going to win a little surprise.
Thanks for looking



Cardygirl said...

wow...haven't you got mojo on hyperdrive... i thought i was good cleaning up, but you are super impressive!

Robyn G. said...

Hi Christine :-)
So sorry to hear you are low on energy... do take care.
Cleaning out the sewing room is always a good idea and so is your new blog... good luck!

Monica said...

Hope this clearing brings back your mojo. And I wish I live in Australia so I could get some of the patterns you listed.

Good luck with the sell off.

Lisa said...

From the looks of the new blog, you won't have anything left! I'm sure the cleaning will shake things up and have you back to creating again soon.