Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friends of Baltimore Pattern by Sue Garman

I am going to order some more patterns of the above Baltimore Quilt, if you have ever wanted to make a Baltimore I think this is it.

You can find a picture here at Sue Garman's blog, the complete pattern will be

$ 110 Australian including postage in Australia.

I can send a pay pal invoice to make payment safe, if you are interested let me know and I get in touch when I have received the patterns and require payment.
It should be in about 8 -10 days.

It is the Baltimore I am going to make for us and have started with the prep work.

I have seen this pattern advertised on one Australian shop website for
$ 264 plus postage. Yes pattern only........ or $ 22 per month plus $ 4 postage per month over 12 month, so if my math is correct that would be a grand total off $ 312 for the pattern only.
I am ordering limit numbers so if you like a complete pattern or know someone and don't want to order overseas then let me know if you like one.

Have a great Sunday.

ps. for everyone overseas, you can get the pattern here Quaker Town Quilt


Dorothy said...

Can you tell me please the name of your 'header' quilt.
Thank you

Nadine said...

Gorgeous !

Yess, Christine, I'd like to know the name of your header quilt, as well. Just LOVE it ! ;>)
THANKS, dear.

Kathie said...

oh I am still thinking about making this quilt
not sure I have the skills to make this one
I just love it though !

circle retreat quilter said...

Hi Christine, I just wanted to say hi and that I love your new header. Also you were a hit with my girlfreinds today at Pep stitches, they were in the class. Stacey

Janet said...

I love your header Christine. I have been getting the kits each month for the Baltimore but not started it yet. I just think some of those prices here are outrageous when our dollar has been doing so well.

Jessica said...

The Friends of Baltimore quilt is stunning. Don't think I can give it the time it deserves at the moment, but I look forward to following your progress!

Betweens said...

Hey Christine you are always so thoughtful! Thanks for the reminder on this BAQ when Sue posted this on her blog I had fallen in love with it.
I love your new picture uptop but will miss that gorgeous kitchen with all those glimses of the gorgeous quilts you have hanging