Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I bought in Melbourne & this and that..

This is a very old project I started middle to late 1990's and I had all the applique cut out and ready to stitch.
I still like the pattern but not sure about the fabrics as in those days we couldn't get much in reproduction fabrics here in Australia ( or maybe I didn't know about them that much)
Anyway while away in Melbourne I bought two backgrounds and started stitching the first block, I think I will have to add some gold to lift it all, hmmmm or I might just stitch one block and see if someone likes it better the me, grin.

The next pictures show Sophie's first quilt, laugh that is what she is calling it ( just turned four) she cut up some of my fabric squares ( from a swap for my Tumbler quilt, sorry ) she glued them together, cut out some paper pictures and glued them on top.
Her first quilt, love it.

The next picture shows a little quilt I have just stitched, I saw it first on Cyndi's blog and left a comment about the wonderful sashing fabric.
Cyndi emailed me and said she has a little left and would I like the kit, well yes I did.... happy dance.
We had a swap, Cyndi wanted a Australian Patchwork magazine and I got the wonderful little kit. Cyndi goes to shows in the US with all her wonderful patterns and fabrics, go and check out her blog.
Thank you again Cyndi, I will hand quilt this little beauty.

and the picture below show all my purchases I made while in Melbourne, oh dear I think I will soon have to have a Garage sale for Quilters, to much stuff in this house.


Jessica said...

A garage sale for quilters sounds very interesting!
I love your grand-daughters quilt, I have an early attempt at quilting from my neice and my oldest son is always cutting up my scraps and messing around with them. It is great for their creativity!

Quiltjane said...

Sophie will make a fine quilter. She has it in her genes. The border fabric on the mini quilt is divine. You certainly have had a wonderful quilting week.

Kathie said...

oh the little quilt your granddaughter made needs to be framed and treasured for sure. oh wow love the fabrics you bought , beautiful!
I am so lucky to have received one of those kits too!
isn't it beautiful? I need to make that one as soon as I can sew again comfortably

Yvonne said...

I see you bought the book Treasures from Holland! I would love to come to your garage sale, you must have so much fun fabric! The applique looks beautiful, and also of course Sophie's first quilt!

PatchworkRose said...

Love all those gorgeous fabrics you bought in Melbourne. I have made Cyndi's kit threes times. Two from the same kit. One for me one for a friend and one in Reds for another friend whose favourite colour was red.. Hand Quilted mine too.
Love your little GD quilt. She would have had so much fun playing with you :-)

Janet said...

You have some fun loot there. What a pity we couldn't all get together and have a big swap meet, lol. Sophies quilt is so cute, what a fun project for her.
The kit is lovely, it'll be wonderful hand quilted.

Bobbie Ashley said...

Love the little quilt made by you sweet grand daughter. Start em' early is what I say. My kids have been around fabric and quilting all their lives, they are busy living, but mom is ever hopeful that the quilting bug might have rubbed off on one of them...time will tell.
Looks like you had so much fun in Melbourne, I am happy for you.


Barb said...

wonderful little quilt - that sashing is awesome, lucky you to get some :)

Lisa said...

Christine, I love your little Dargate quilt. I have a kit too, and can't wait to get started on it. It would have been perfect for the doll quilt swap, but I could never bear to give it up. :)

Lori said...

I absolutely love your kitted quilt. The sashing is wonderful!!

Sophie must be having a blast making a "quilt". It looks like fun.

Nicky said...

I understand you about the fabrics from the past in UFOs as I have the same feelings about some of mine. I have injected a more now feel with accent borders or a different setting to update them - I guess as a lover of repro you want to make your quilts go the other way though? Gold would lift it certainly!

Cute little quilt and mini - she has the idea now she needs to develop her technique!