Thursday, August 25, 2011

Win a quilt for $ 5 and help to find a cure..

First prize

This one is a lap size, my own design and hand quilted


Second Prize

Baby quilt and made by me, all machine done

Once again I ask for your support and this time it is my middle son Torben, he is going to run the Bridge to Brisbane 11th September (same run as my son-inlaw only different cause) to raise funds for the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, they are doing fantastic work researching more than 50 diseases and are worldwide recognised for their work.

The day will also be a day to remember the massive loss of life in the USA, hard to believe it has been ten years.
It was the year my daughter finished her University Degree and Ansett Airline went under, leaving my husband without a job and 16000 others.

My son's best friend working for QIMR is one of the young Doctors in his field and has had many works published, you can read about his work here he is currently on a fellowship in Cardiff and will be back in Australia this year.
The research will help all of us and many are fighting cancer or have family with cancer and other diseases, every $ 5 will help.

To support all you have to do is Donate $ 5 or more and for every $ 5 you get the chance to win a quilt.

Click on my sons name: Torben and it will take you to the Official Website to donate direct.

Ps. I would appreciate if you could post about it on your blog..... please.

Thank you


Deidre said...

Done. It is a great thing that your boys are doing.

Receipt Number: 109894


Yvonne said...

What a great cause! And it worked! I donated all the way from the Netherlands, isn't it marvelous how that works these days!
I wish your son all the best, you must be so proud of him!
Love, Yvonne

Kathie said...

what a wonderful thing for you to do to raise money and for your son to do too.
you must be a proud mom!

Vickie said...

Done..excellent cause there never seems to be enough funds for important research,cheers Vickie

BevBSews said...

Christine, as always lovely quilts and congratulations on raising such a lovely, caring son.
Receipt No:158191