Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still time ...... plus..

Thank you to the donations made for the Bridge to Brisbane fundraiser run, there is still time to make a donation and win a quilt for as little as $ 5.....

Go here for the link. Thank you : ))))))))

Also if you have donated a churn dash block or two here is the top, it has taken me a little longer and I have finished the top today and will quilt it very shortly.

I am working on two other quilts, the green one is to be for my kitchen table.. I am not sure what to do for borders yet.

The star quilt is a quilt in progress too..

Happy stitching to you all, I am going on a quilting retreat this weekend yeeppeeee....


Saturday, August 27, 2011


As Irene is fast approaching the east coast in the USA, I am sending positive vibes to everyone in it's path and make sure you stay safe.
Hopefully she will run out of puff....

Stay safe...


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Win a quilt for $ 5 and help to find a cure..

First prize

This one is a lap size, my own design and hand quilted


Second Prize

Baby quilt and made by me, all machine done

Once again I ask for your support and this time it is my middle son Torben, he is going to run the Bridge to Brisbane 11th September (same run as my son-inlaw only different cause) to raise funds for the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, they are doing fantastic work researching more than 50 diseases and are worldwide recognised for their work.

The day will also be a day to remember the massive loss of life in the USA, hard to believe it has been ten years.
It was the year my daughter finished her University Degree and Ansett Airline went under, leaving my husband without a job and 16000 others.

My son's best friend working for QIMR is one of the young Doctors in his field and has had many works published, you can read about his work here he is currently on a fellowship in Cardiff and will be back in Australia this year.
The research will help all of us and many are fighting cancer or have family with cancer and other diseases, every $ 5 will help.

To support all you have to do is Donate $ 5 or more and for every $ 5 you get the chance to win a quilt.

Click on my sons name: Torben and it will take you to the Official Website to donate direct.

Ps. I would appreciate if you could post about it on your blog..... please.

Thank you

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Go Baby winner


Random numbers generated Aug 24 2011 at 11:49:54

Deidre that is you, congratulations.

I had to take a few doubles out as there is only one entry per person and number 19 came up.

Hope you will enjoy it.
Please email me the following details:

Phone number
Email address
and the three dies of your choice

so I can send them to Carolyn from Accuquilt
and she will organise the delivery.

Thank you again for Accuquilt to be so very generous and donating these wonderful tools all around blogland.

Thank you to all for taking part.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Go Baby Giveaway

Well you have until tomorrow lunch time here in Brisbane and I will draw the winner for the Go Baby and three dies.
Leave a comment on the original post and make sure I have an email to get in touch with the winner.

Good luck


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun designs

Hi all, yes me again...

If you want to make some fun designs for Kids of all ages go check out Toni's blog I love seeing what she is up to and love reading her blog.

Toni's patterns are available via her blog and number of other places, she has a list on the right side of her blog. They can even be found in the US at the Fat Quarter Shop, you can buy PDF patterns and have them straight away or paper patterns.
Well done Toni and keep up the good work, stick with what you do best.


ps. woohoo I was lucky to win one of Toni's patterns in her recent giveaway, will make it up for the little ones. Thank you Toni :)))

Found it...

After finally finishing the applique and a few hundred Berries, Salina Browne has got a border. I couldn't make up my mind and when I was in Gatton yesterday for the Applique meeting ( TAS ) I found the border. Mind you I didn't have my top with me and thought that they had two fabrics at Sew Creative that would work.

Bought enough of the two fabrics and settled for this one. I am happy now and will get it ready for hand quilting, have got my batting ready and now only need to find a backing from my stash.

The meeting was lovely and Deidre showed us all her lovely quilts, tops and work in progress. I didn't get any pictures as I was helping holding the quilts.
Deidre does lovely applique and has some wonderful UFO's on the go.

Back to the sewing room, I would like to finish another top.

I have been working ( a little )

Friday, August 12, 2011

Go Baby Giveaway **** now closed ****

Good morning

What better way to celebrate than get the go ahead to have a giveaway for one Go Baby cutter plus three dies of your choice.
The people from Accuquilt have emailed and I am set to go.

If you would like to enter all you have to do is tell me with one comment ( not three):

***** You are a follower

***** How do you think it would help you use your stash

***** What three Dies would you choose ( you can check them out at the Accuquilt website

I will announce the winner on the 24th August , you need to make sure I can contact you via email. Please blog about it on your blog and also check out the Button on the right side of my blog, all you have to do is sign up with your email and you can download 22 free patterns.

Good luck to all........

Christine ( still doing the happy dance about my good news yesterday)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good news

I had given up hearing from the Doctor today, but the phone rang after 7pm tonight and it was the Breast Surgeon ( lovely Doctor) giving me the good news that there is no cancer.

While there is some fibrous tissue, everything is benign and the breast clinic is happy to see me in 12 month, while my Doctor would like to see me in 6 month.

Thank you again to all that have sent me good vibes and well wishes.

Lots of happy faces around here tonight.


Go Baby ...

Sorry blogger got my pictures in the wrong order.....

While I am waiting to hear about my results I thought I start playing with my Go Baby
and share what I have been doing.

I received three Dies with my little Go Baby, Tumbler, BABY and Hearts.
You can see in the pictures how easy it is to cut out the shapes and quick. I am cutting six layers of fabric at a time.
Click on the little button on the right side of my blog and download 22 free patterns.

Also stay tuned and I post as the little quilt comes together and there might be a little surprise to one of my followers very soon.

Doesn't that already look good, it will be a little quilt for our new grandchild to use in the pram. I am going to raw edge applique the letters when quilting it.

You can see in the next picture how easy the row match together, just press the seam opposite in each row

The pieces match so easy because of the way the shapes are cut, you just match them up, no pinning.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


First I like to thank all of you in blogland for the lovely comments and cyber hugs, as well as good wishes.
I have had my two biopsy's today and am a little sore, but not to bad at all.

Mind you I have had ice on it, so all is a little numb.
The results should be coming in tomorrow and I have my fingers crossed.

If any of you out there ever need to have anything done and you live in Brisbane, please go to the Wesley Breast Clinic, the staff, the volunteers are all so very caring. I have been looked after and cared for this afternoon, just wonderful.

Thank you to you all and I will be back tomorrow.

quilting hugs

that phone call...

Well yes I got the dreaded phone call from my GP after my Mammogram and Ultra sound, so I went last Friday to see him and he told me there is something different and it was recommended for me to see a Breast surgeon.

So he told me to call and tell them it is urgent, got in on Monday morning and yes she agreed there is definitely a change.

Today is the day I am going to have two ultra sound guided core biopsy's, not sure how I feel about it...
I have had one many years ago and because at that time it all happened really quick it didn't worry me, but this time I have had time to think and worry.

I am lucky my DDIL is currently at the same Hospital ( for work, she is a Doctor ) and said would come to see me if I need her.
We had a good chat last night. You see I read the report for the Ultrasound and mammogram and in there was a word " neoplasm" I didn't know what it was, told my GP that I had read the report and he ask if I understood what the work mend, I said no and he said well: cancer.

My daughter in law corrected it last night and said it mend tumor and could be benign or maligned, so not quiet as definite.
Anyway I have quilts to make so all will be good.

Take care

ps. I wasn't going to post about it, but it is a little like talking about it and makes me feel a little better.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I bought in Melbourne & this and that..

This is a very old project I started middle to late 1990's and I had all the applique cut out and ready to stitch.
I still like the pattern but not sure about the fabrics as in those days we couldn't get much in reproduction fabrics here in Australia ( or maybe I didn't know about them that much)
Anyway while away in Melbourne I bought two backgrounds and started stitching the first block, I think I will have to add some gold to lift it all, hmmmm or I might just stitch one block and see if someone likes it better the me, grin.

The next pictures show Sophie's first quilt, laugh that is what she is calling it ( just turned four) she cut up some of my fabric squares ( from a swap for my Tumbler quilt, sorry ) she glued them together, cut out some paper pictures and glued them on top.
Her first quilt, love it.

The next picture shows a little quilt I have just stitched, I saw it first on Cyndi's blog and left a comment about the wonderful sashing fabric.
Cyndi emailed me and said she has a little left and would I like the kit, well yes I did.... happy dance.
We had a swap, Cyndi wanted a Australian Patchwork magazine and I got the wonderful little kit. Cyndi goes to shows in the US with all her wonderful patterns and fabrics, go and check out her blog.
Thank you again Cyndi, I will hand quilt this little beauty.

and the picture below show all my purchases I made while in Melbourne, oh dear I think I will soon have to have a Garage sale for Quilters, to much stuff in this house.

Friday, August 5, 2011

And the winner is

Thank to all of you that have donated to my Son-in laws Bridge to Brisbane fundraiser and the winner of my quilt is:

Cherry Red Quilter ( please email me your snail mail addy )

****** I am going to send a little surprise to two other generous people and they are:

Lori from Humble Quilts ( please email me your snail mail addy )

Bev B Sews ( please send me your snail mail addy )

and I get the goodies in the post on Monday.

Thank you again to all that have donated, it is very much appreciated. Go and check out their blogs, lovely things to see.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is what I have been working on..

pattern by Kim Mclean and I am nearly finished, yeeepppeeee, I love it

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Go Baby is here...

This is what was waiting for me when I got home from Melbourne, I am going to have a play and will show you what I have made in the next couple of weeks, keep watching as there will also be a giveaway sometime soon.

Made some Danish on Sunday, yummy.

and some more quilt from Melbourne

don't you just love them..

Monday, August 1, 2011

Post 6 Melbourne

This quilt is not what I would ever make, but click on the pictures and see all the wonderful embroidery there is so much to see.

post 5 on Melbourne

Doesn't the Civil War Bridal quilt look wonderful in these colours?

Love the border in this one...

great quilting on this one...