Friday, July 8, 2011

Doll quilt swap # 2

Hi everyone

Hope you all have received your swap by now and are happy. If someone hasn't been able to meet the deadline please make sure you have contacted your swap-partner.

Also if you haven't already please email me a picture with your quilt, but make sure it isn't too large as it takes up my downloads.
I would like to make another slide show and add it to my blog .

Thank you all for playing, I will think about a third swap or maybe something different. Check my blog and I will let you know.
I have received some goodies in the post from some of you and not taken pictures yet, thank you..... but there is no need.

I am now going to do the Food shopping and afterwards some quilting.

Take care

ps. nearly finished Ed's quilt top.

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Heather said...

Thanks to the Canadian postal strike things have been held up between my partner and I, but we have it all sorted out amongst ourselves and will be happy whenever things arrive to make our mailboxes (and us) happy!