Wednesday, June 29, 2011

another finish

Well nearly, just finished another charity quilt, only the binding to do.

On a happier note...

Go and check out Stacey's blog, she is having her first Blog Birthday and is giving away a lovely pattern called:

My Paris Traveler's Bag by Fig Tree design

I think very few rules and check out the wonderful place Stacey's has up at Buderim to book for a retreat away with your friends.

Good luck

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Natural Gas.... or clean water?

I am sitting here watching a program called Gasland on SBS 3 by Josh Fox and it is about what these Oil and Gas Companies are doing to Water supplies in the US to drill for Gas there are chemicals used like Arsenic, Anti Freeze and others, they call it fracking fluids to find the Gas. They show people turning on their tap and setting the water on fire......

There are whole communities that have all their water supplies contaminated, all throughout Texas, up north to Delaware, if you can try and watch this program it is scary as we are now doing this here in Australia.

I ask myself why are we risking our water, water means life, no water no life. Here in Queensland in the Darling Downs 100's of drilling's are planned and there are few protesters. It needs to be stopped.
The greed of these Oil and Gas companies are making me sick. Why are we doing this when we already know what it does to the environment in the US.

Towns in the US are being supplied with bottled drinking water and the Fat Cat's of these Companies are sitting in their Ivory Towers, it makes my blood boil.
I am not apologising for writing this as I think we all need to talk about it.
No matter what Country we live in.

Here in Australia the Mining Industry is big and is a big Export Industry, but there is not enough given back to the people and the country, it makes a small amount of people very wealthy and our Politicians are Puppets to these Mining Bosses.

I guess we all use Oil and Gas but I am sure there are better and safer ways but that might mean a smaller profit margin at the end of the day.....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Look what came today..

Would you have bought this quilt? Well I did, I found it on Ebay and it is called Scarlett's Wedding Quilt ( very very big quilt)
It is hand quilted and just beautiful, the seller purchased it in Warren ( US ) and it was made to raise funds for a Animal Shelter some years ago.
The quilt is in new condition and I can't wait to wash it and put it on our bed.
It took 2 month to get here and I was getting a little worried, but the Ebay seller was really good regarding staying in touch, she also insured the quilt.

Guess what I paid....... well as I said it is very big and it only cost me $ 225 ( the seller paid $ 595, it still has the price tag )

Doing the happy dance after my sad face missing out on Sydney.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Very sad face...

update: The hotel is giving me a full refund..... very happy.

Well I am not getting to Sydney this year for the Quilt show s all flights are cancelled due to the Volcano Ash over Australia. I was going just for Wed/Thursday and am busy Friday, working Saturday and Birthday Party for Sophie's 4th on Sunday I am not able to later in the week.

Never mind could be worse, I am getting credit for the flights but it looks like that I will not get a refund on the Room.

I so love going to Sydney and see the quilts and shops and have been going for over 10 years.

Good night

Monday, June 20, 2011

My scarf

This is my scarf, it is the same pattern as Sophie's just bigger. I bought the pattern from Ravelry and it is by Strickmich von Martina.
The pattern can be purchased in German and English.
You can visit Martina's blog, she has some lovely patterns.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lots to share...

Oh wow, yes I am feeling better and thank you to all the well wishes....

I have finished two customer quilts, the one in the previous post and the large one in this post ( it is 2.5m x 2.5).
Then I received this wonderful gift in the post on Friday from my Doll quilt swap partner Janet, can you see this amazing beautiful red/white house quilt???????? I love it thank you Janet ( also thank you for the pretty scissor fob too). I hope you receive your quilt in the next couple of days, it was posted on Thursday.

I have also finished a little scarf for Sophie and another little Doll quilt.
The grand kids just left and we had a wonderful afternoon.

Take care

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hi there...

Feeling a little better with still a very blocked nose, I just thought I come and say hi.

Thank you for all the well wishes and it was good to just rest and not do much at all.
For all you Doll quilt swappers it is now time to post your quilt or at least make sure your partner knows it is coming, to my swappers just letting you know I post the latest by Thursday.

One of the pictures is another sneak peek of the second quilt I am sending and I have also finished the third one too but not taken a picture as yet. So just one more to finish ( this one is a swap between just two of us, hi there waving to you K..... )
I have also received wonderful blocks for Ed's quilt as well as some little gifts for me ( Melody you shouldn't have but love them, thank you). Also thank you Cathy for the thread........

The quilt in the first picture is a sample for the shop Peppermint Stitches, they do have kits and patterns available. I am just doing the quilting on it.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog break

I am just having a week off, not feeling great as my cold is worse not better.

I need a little R and R.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One of four....

Well I finished the quilting on the border of the little quilt and it is ready to be gifted, it is one of four quilts I need to finish asap ( will show you the other three soon).
Wonder who of the four ( I think you know who you are ) would like this quilt?

I have also been receiving more churndash blocks and will start sewing it soon. Thank you to all you lovely quilters that have and are sending blocks.

bye for now

Oh yes I am also working...... the quilt on the machine is another customer quilt, have finished a few and will share them soon.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kitchen woohoo.......

Some final touches still to come like the shelf above the fridge to hold the radio and a few things on the wall for decoration, otherwise yes we are done.... I am so glad we have left the slate on the floor, still love it.


Friday, June 3, 2011

On the home run...

Well oven is nearly in, just some more panels, a door and plinth at the bottom, shelf above the fridge to house my wonderful Bose Wave radio/cd player. The sound on these little radios are amazing and it is digital, bought it for DH for Christmas and he doesn't mind sharing. Looking forward to cooking, love my built in Microwave and both my Ovens are self cleaning.

Teaching class tomorrow and sewing group after that. Sunday will be the first day that I am going to try my new Oven and looking forward to it.

Have booked flights to go to Sydney for the Quilt show on Wednesday and Thursday, waving to you Robyn.

Friend and I are going to go together, hopefully we can also take a trip to Quiltsmith, a wonderful shop in Sydney at Anandale ( don't think I spelt this right).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Churn dash, new quilt and strange emails

I have been getting a little sewing done, not work ( and yes I know I should ) but have been teaching classes.
The little quilt is one of four I need to make, I have also nearly finished hand quilting the one for my swap partner Janet ( no picture ).

Some lovely churn dash have also landed in my post box and there are more coming ( thank you all ), starting to stitch some myself tomorrow. I will add some darker ones to balance the lighter ones. I think I am going to put the blocks on point and have an alternate square between.

The other four blocks are a mini version of the Jelly Star Quilt blocks, I used a 1 1/2inch strips not sure what I do with it next.
Maybe some applique blocks in between and some borders.

bye for now
ps. have any of you been getting the email regarding a missing child? Looks like a mass mail out from a Hexagongroup@yahoo?