Friday, May 27, 2011

Lurline and Ed

I am sitting here in beautiful Brisbane thinking about my dear friend Lurline and her husband Ed who is having a rough time in Hospital.
If you follower her blog you know what is happening, I would like to make a quilt for Ed and am asking for your help.
If you like to help send me a 6 inch finished ( 6 1/2inch unfinished) Churndash block by the 10th June and I will stitch it in to a quilt as quick as I can so Ed can use it once at home. Colours, I guess masculine .
The image shows a little quilt top made from four Churndash blocks ( the green triangles are not part of the block).
Lurline and I have had many wonderful times and some sad ones too. Even so distance is stopping us sewing together she is often in my thoughts.

Email me for my postal address if you like to be part of this.

hugs to all


Robyn G. said...

Hello my friend,
I'm sorry to hear of Ed's health... not good news at all.
I think of you often too, even though this year has me running xx

Val said...

Hi Christine, I would like to have a go at a few blocks for you and Ed. I have never done this block design. Looks like three sections. Are they all the same width? Are the green triangles in the sample part of the block you want. I am guessing not.

Wendy said...

Hi Christine, so sorry to hear about Ed's bad health......I would love to make a block for your project.....please contact me with your snail mail and I will get it to you

Cardygirl said...

Count me in Christine...any pattern tips?

Cathy said...

Hi Christine, I would like to make a block for Ed too, any other hints on colour so far?

Julia said...

Blocks are in the mail Christine..
Julia ♥