Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quilts for the Flood appeal

Hi all

Just to let you know the first few quilts have been given and been well received, I have decided not to take pictures as I think it is to much to ask and there is no need.
The young man that got the first quilt was so taken by the fact that strangers would take the time to make him this wonderful gift and I think that this thanks enough.

I have currently another 12 quilts to quilt and will fit them in between customer quilts.
Thank you again, I will still post pictures when the quilts are finished before they are gifted.

Take care


Jessica said...

If you need any help with binding let me know.
I don't think we need pictures of the quilts changing hands, we know how we would feel if we received one so we can understand the feelings and emotions.

Lindi said...

Well done, Christine. Photos of recipients would be a bit like an invasion of privacy, I think. The world has been privvy to enough of their lives without that. :)

circle retreat quilter said...

Hi there Christine, i would love to do my bit and help with Binding please let me know and i can come and pick the quilt-s up any time i can provide the binding also if this is some help, I am more than willing.

Cheryl said...

So glad they are well received! Well done!

Rena said...

Well done ,Christine .

Thank you very much for your engagement, I´m glad too, the parcel is well received.


Julia said...

Well done, Christine..your wonderful to do that ..
Let them enjoy the quilts ..no need for photos..it's been emotional enough for them..
Julia ♥