Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More work done and Flood appeal quilts

Good morning all

Well I slept in this morning as I was quilting till midnight last night, there is a saying in German: at night the lazy get is that me?

Anyway the pastel coloured quilt is a customer quilt that I finished last night and now have to bind,
The wonderful bright yellow one has been donated by Ann from not to far from me and it is to be gifted to someone that has not been so lucky in the last couple of month when our weather was creating disaster everywhere. Ann if you read this please email me your blog details so I can link them to this post.

I will bind the quilt this week and I think it will go to a family of four children that have lost everything, I am just waiting for the ages of the children to make sure the quilts are suited.
The quilt tops on the hangers are all charity quilts and waiting to be quilted too. I have many offers to help with the binding and that is great. Have to order some more batting as I am running low on it.
Have a great day everyone


ps. don't forget if you need petrol choose Independent


Kathie said...

such pretty quilts, so nice of you to be quilting these quilts for the Flood victims...
doesn't it feel good to know your making a difference?

luv2quilt2 said...

I wish I could be there to help with the binding. You're doing a wonderful job.

Janet said...

Theyre lovely quilts. It's so great that you're matching quilts with particular families. You're a quilt angel, bless you.

Jessica said...

Love that last quilt, it is so bright and cheerful!

Markirhen said...

Hi Friend.... all your works are beautiful, but I fall in love with the last one.

Its look so lovely.


God Bless you.

Martha ( Costa Rica )

Ali Honey said...

WEll done! I am sure the family will appreciated them and love them for snuggling under.

Rena said...

No,no Christine , I`m sure you are not lazy , you are very busy :o)
All these Quilts are so beautiful !

Have a nice day


Cheryl said...

The flood victims are going to truly appreciate these wonderful quilts you are quilting. Good job!

Maree: said...

Your doing a Great Job with the Quilts...They will be Appreciated.
I can do Binding..let me know.

Barb said...

great quilts and what a good cause!
You've got good karma coming your way, I'm sure.
I admire you ability to work late, I'm no good after dinner -