Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book and Pattern writing, 2nd Doll Quilt sneak peek

I have been wanting to write a Book ( of course for Patchwork & Quilting ) and have got some patterns that I would like to re-write better .
My question is to anyone out there that sells patterns, how you design, write, draw your patterns, do you have a computer program, do you have someone to do them for you? Any help would be appreciated.

I have had to write patterns for Magazine so I know the basics, but I would like to publish more patterns and have them looking professionally, there is also an idea I have had for a Book and I am wondering do you first write a rough copy and then show it to someone or can I publish myself?

Any advise would be appreciated.


ps. the picture is the 2nd Doll quilt I am making and the nine-patch block is 1.5inches finished, cute isn't it? Hope you are all stitching away and are ready to send by the 10th March.


Bree said...

or "I can't talk I should be off...."

Bree said...

you could write an e-book and sell it through etsy or directly through your blog, likewise with your patterns.
I was actually reading this article this morning:

and there is this website:

I think it would be worth having some examples of your patterns and a blurb about the book idea and emailing the publishing houses.

Jessica said...

Interesting food for thought, I can't help you out but I'm interested to see how it goes!

Janet said...

I hope you get some great information about publishing. Love the doll quilt peek!

blauraute said...

Sorry, but I can't help you. I think it's an interesting project. Your 2nd doll quilt looks great.
Have a nice day

Yvonne said...

I really don't know anything about writing a book but I know I love your little nine-patch baby quilt!

Kathie said...

oh its so cute, can't wait to see the whole quilt!
good luck!

Kris said...

Madly stitching here and loving it!

Lori said...

What an adorable quilt!!

Heather said...

I had a graphic designer make all the simple shapes as images. This way I can put any graphic I want into any document and have it look all professional. I told her what each of the steps should look like for the instructions I needed and she did up generic line drawings. So, to make flying geese using the 4square + 1square method, I have images for each step, and then I write what I want the images to represent in my instructions.
I use Word to type everything out. I can send you a PDF of one (if I can find it, computer issues may have deleted it).

Barb said...

what a cute sneak peak.
I'm working had to finish up my swap - been a too busy stretch.
sorry can't help with publishing stuff, I'm an amateur.

Gracy said...

Hello Christine, of course you have to write a book on your own because you have 20 years of experience, just observed some new and old patterns and find something new from it and start writing. I am suggesting you a name of your new book “EVERGREEN Patchwork & Quilting Patterns”. Rest is upto you, all the best… 

Cheryl said...

My daughter is my graphic designer. She does all my illustrations for me. I am not professional though. Just a few patterns and one manual that I only market at the shop where I work.

Cindy said...

I wish I had information on publishing books, but I am of no help on this subject. Your doll quilt is lovely!! Mine will be going in the mail tomorrow. I'm excited! Thank you so much again for organizing this!