Monday, March 7, 2011

Are you sick of paying high Petrol prices?

Well I am and we can't just blame the Middle East but have to look at greedy Woolworth and Coles as they are dictating our prices, if you like me and want to do something about pass this on and lets Boycott from Wednesday on any Caltex Petrol or Shell as their prices are controlled by Woolworth and Coles with their discount shop a dockets.

Please please fill up at any Independent or even BP something needs to be done.

we have been warned some years ago when the first discount docket started to appear at Woolworth and Coles and well here we are overpriced Petrol......

Come on and show some People power.

This was done in Christchurch some years ago and within four days prices dropped.

******** Please if you are in Australia put this on your blog and don't let these Big Wigs think we are all taking it laying down.
A few years ago our two mayor supermarkets started giving discounts for petrol if you spend over x amount of $ and they joined up with Caltex/Woolworth and Shell/Coles, this has been really bad for the Independent Petrol Stations. What happens here in Australia is that prices are now going up by 15 to 18 cents within hours , stay high and if we are lucky drop a little for a day or two.
The jump between prices is getting higher and higher. We are now paying up to a $ 1.50 for unleaded. But the big issues here are that you could live outside the big Cities that don't have the big two supermarket shares and Petrol is a lot cheaper.


veerle said...

What are the prices you pay over there for one liter? In Belgium it's €1,60. Is that more or less then in your country?

Yvonne said...

I hope it will work for you! Don't know how much you are paying over there but we in the Netherlands pay about $8,- for a gallon! Over $2 for a liter!

Julia said...

Our car has only ever had BP in it...i won't fall for this so called discount, that we end up paying for in the supermarket anyway
Good on you Christine, here it's $1.45 litre at the moment,