Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swap partners are up...

Click on the page " Doll quilt swap # 2) under my header picture and read the post if you have joined the swap and you will find your partner.

The once without a blog will receive an email in the morning with the email addy from their swap partner.

Happy stitching


ps. check out the link to your partners block and get to know a little about them

Monday, March 28, 2011

Doll Quilt swap # 2

Sorry a little delay and I get on to it tonight.

I am going to extend the finish time as we are starting a little late, I am going to do a post tonight.
If you have been in the first swap and would like to do the second please let me know if you haven't done it yet.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well what a surprise

I went to my sewing group yesterday and the girls in the shop said that my friend Marjorie had left a present for me for my 50th last month. Marjorie and I used to work together at The Quilters Store and after I left, the shop moved so Marjorie and another colleague and friend also left. Anyway since then Marjorie has moved to the NSW coast and we catch up about once a month for lunch, but couldn't around my birthday.

She was in Brisbane last week and we missed each other so she left me a present............ well you can see in the pictures above yes Marjorie made me a quilt and I looooveeee it. Thank you, thank you I will treasure it and use it and love it.

You see I have been hinting that as a Quilter you would rarely be given a Quilt and I mean to receive a Quilt is just the best.
Oh I feel over the moon.
Thank you Marjorie you made my year.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Doll quilt swap # 2 sign up......

Sorry running a little late

Please let me know if you are taking part in the second swap by Sunday night.

Happy stitching

Monday, March 21, 2011

Charity Quilts and feeling a little under the weather

The lovely bright yellow quilt has left my place today and is on it's way to a new home up north near Ingham, a young family lost everything in the cyclone and still has flooding, the Dad also lost his job due to Yasi.

The quilt was donated by another blogger Ann and all I had to do was bind it, Ann was in Darwin at the time of Cyclone Tracey in 1974... thank you Ann.

I have also quilted another three quilts and they will be gifted as soon as they are bound.

Email working again....

I have done some work, finished two customer quilts and two charity quilts and hopefully this afternoon get some sewing time for me..

The picture is one of the customer quilts, I also had to sew the binding.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bouncing emails

Hi all

Me again, if anyone has emailed me in the last couple of days and the email was returned or has bounced it is due to my mailbox data allowance being used to 100% by very very large emails including pictures.

If any of you sent pictures via emails please make sure they are not huge, I had a couple being 15 and 11 MB massive..... I guess I will have a couple of quiet days here on my computer.


ps. try and email me in a couple of days.

Quilts for Japan

Good morning

I have been reading different blogs and there is a great need for Quilts to be send to Japan, the Author of the Japanese Quilting magazine Tsushin, Naomi is asking for quilts. The three quilts in the picture are going tomorrow, they are quilts of mine and I hope they give warms and comfort to some ( the bright one was my sons and I hope another little boy will get some joy, the Toile is a pattern of mine I used to teach and the sampler is my little beginners class sample)
As I have got many tops here for the Flood appeal and have given some already and knowing there are many groups making quilts for us here, I have decided that I can spare a few quilts and get them ready to send to Japan also. They are asking for any quilts even used ones, so if you have a quilt and would like to give it either send it here:

Naomi Ichikawa
Editor of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin
Patchwork Tsushin Co Ltd.
5-28-3,Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Japan ZIp 113-0033

or sent to me and I try and get them there, email me if you like my snail mail addy.

There are nearly 500 000 people in shelters and it is cold.


ps. or maybe someone could donate some Batting ...... and I am thinking to have a little working bee here at my place to add some bindings maybe the 29th or 30th March, email if you can spare a few hours.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Look left.... on my Blog

I have added a slide show on the left side and will add more Quilts as I receive the pictures.
Don't they all look great, you should be able to click on the picture to get a larger one.

Will sort out the next swap soon, watch this space.

I have received my Quilt from Barbara and will take a picture tomorrow.

Thanks for sending your quilt and making all these wonderful and different little beauties.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doll Quilt swap partners please read...

Hi all

Thank you to all that have sent their quilts and have also send me a picture, there are still 10 pictures missing, please even if you are running late send me something so I can add it to the slide show.

Hope you all had fun and got a lovely quilt in return.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan and Hawaii

Couldn't believe my eyes yesterday afternoon when I watched the news, the quake had only happened 21/2 hours ago at the time and the images from the Tsunami coming was so unbelievable.

My thought are with everyone, anywhere and everywhere around the world.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doll Quilt swap partners please read...

Hi everyone

Today is the day to post your quilt, if you have already done it great and please let your swap partner know if you are running a little late.
Also keep the pictures coming so I can put a slide-show of all the quilts on my blog.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More work done and Flood appeal quilts

Good morning all

Well I slept in this morning as I was quilting till midnight last night, there is a saying in German: at night the lazy get busy....hm is that me?

Anyway the pastel coloured quilt is a customer quilt that I finished last night and now have to bind,
The wonderful bright yellow one has been donated by Ann from not to far from me and it is to be gifted to someone that has not been so lucky in the last couple of month when our weather was creating disaster everywhere. Ann if you read this please email me your blog details so I can link them to this post.

I will bind the quilt this week and I think it will go to a family of four children that have lost everything, I am just waiting for the ages of the children to make sure the quilts are suited.
The quilt tops on the hangers are all charity quilts and waiting to be quilted too. I have many offers to help with the binding and that is great. Have to order some more batting as I am running low on it.
Have a great day everyone


ps. don't forget if you need petrol choose Independent

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quilts for the Flood appeal

Hi all

Just to let you know the first few quilts have been given and been well received, I have decided not to take pictures as I think it is to much to ask and there is no need.
The young man that got the first quilt was so taken by the fact that strangers would take the time to make him this wonderful gift and I think that this thanks enough.

I have currently another 12 quilts to quilt and will fit them in between customer quilts.
Thank you again, I will still post pictures when the quilts are finished before they are gifted.

Take care

Monday, March 7, 2011

Are you sick of paying high Petrol prices?

Well I am and we can't just blame the Middle East but have to look at greedy Woolworth and Coles as they are dictating our prices, if you like me and want to do something about pass this on and lets Boycott from Wednesday on any Caltex Petrol or Shell as their prices are controlled by Woolworth and Coles with their discount shop a dockets.

Please please fill up at any Independent or even BP something needs to be done.

we have been warned some years ago when the first discount docket started to appear at Woolworth and Coles and well here we are overpriced Petrol......

Come on and show some People power.

This was done in Christchurch some years ago and within four days prices dropped.

******** Please if you are in Australia put this on your blog and don't let these Big Wigs think we are all taking it laying down.
A few years ago our two mayor supermarkets started giving discounts for petrol if you spend over x amount of $ and they joined up with Caltex/Woolworth and Shell/Coles, this has been really bad for the Independent Petrol Stations. What happens here in Australia is that prices are now going up by 15 to 18 cents within hours , stay high and if we are lucky drop a little for a day or two.
The jump between prices is getting higher and higher. We are now paying up to a $ 1.50 for unleaded. But the big issues here are that you could live outside the big Cities that don't have the big two supermarket shares and Petrol is a lot cheaper.

I have been working...

Well I have been working but couldn't show you two quilts, but here are some I did last week and another Doll quilt in the making.

Tomorrow back to working on Charity Quilts at Peppermint Stitches, if you near by come and say hi..


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friends of Baltimore by Sue Garman

Well if you have ever wanted to stitch a Baltimore Album Quilt, this is the quilt for you...... Sue Garman's Baltimore
I fell in love when I first saw the finished top at Sue's home back in November.

The pattern is amazing and I am planning to run a small group/class from home in the second part of 2011 over 6 month.
Cost will include pattern and class. If you like some more details please email me and I will answer your questions.
I am also trying to organise it with one of the shops on the other side of Brisbane to run the classes too, more info coming as soon I have more details.

However if you would just like to purchase the pattern and can't wait to start let me know as I have the first few arrive in the next week, again email me for more info. If you like to see the quilt go to Quaker Town Quilts and have a look at the image.
Australia only: ( international you can order from Quaker Town )
Have already ordered my background as I need to make a start asap..... this is going to be quilt for me/us......

Happy stitching

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book and Pattern writing, 2nd Doll Quilt sneak peek

I have been wanting to write a Book ( of course for Patchwork & Quilting ) and have got some patterns that I would like to re-write better .
My question is to anyone out there that sells patterns, how you design, write, draw your patterns, do you have a computer program, do you have someone to do them for you? Any help would be appreciated.

I have had to write patterns for Magazine so I know the basics, but I would like to publish more patterns and have them looking professionally, there is also an idea I have had for a Book and I am wondering do you first write a rough copy and then show it to someone or can I publish myself?

Any advise would be appreciated.


ps. the picture is the 2nd Doll quilt I am making and the nine-patch block is 1.5inches finished, cute isn't it? Hope you are all stitching away and are ready to send by the 10th March.