Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Olfa cutter and mat

Good morning to you all as I am sitting here having my coffee and my left wrist in a splint, you wonder why ?

Well I have been having a lot of pain below my elbow for about three weeks and it wasn't getting any better so I went to see my Doctor and I have torn the muscle just below the elbow and every time I move my wrist it tears again, so what to do other then putting it to rest.

I can still do lots of things so it isn't to bad..... I am left handed and it is my left wrist, but I can cut with my right hand and this brought me to the question:

What rotary cutter do you use, like and why?

My favourite is the new straight handle Olfa cutter, you can have only half a blade exposed and I can swap hands ( as I do ) also their mats are great. I have tried others and find the blades don't last as long.
I don't like to use the curved handle cutters as I swap hands instead of turning my fabric.
Mind you I have a very old pink Fiskars mat and I would have to be the close second.

Let me know what you use


Cheryl said...

Yikes, Christine! Hope the elbow mends quickly. I also like the Olfa systems. I do like the Elan Miracle Mat over the Olfa mat though. Take care!

Bree said...

who said that quilting wasn't a contact sport hey?

I recently purchased a curved yellow olfa. It was sold to me as being safe as you have to push the red button to release the blade from it's 'locked' position. My 3 year old took precisely 1/2 a second to work out how you push the button. To him a red button is like a big flashing light saying PUSH ME! So not so safe after all! But I find it more comfortable than the straight Olfa which I also have.
And I've got a plain green Sew Easy mat.

Hope your wrist heals quickly!

Sara said...

I am using my second Martelli rotary cutter. It has an ergonomic design with the handle at right angles to the blade. I feel I use less pressure and hold my wrist in a better alignment. I don't think I will go back to a "straight" handle,

You have to get either a right-handed or left-handed version.

wendysquilting said...

I'm sorry about your injury, I did something similar shoveling snow a couple months ago, its finally better now.
I'm left handed too and use a fiskars rotary cutter but I may have to look into what you have because I would also cut right handed at times if the cutter would allow. I use large Olfa mats on my cutting table and a smaller pink Fiskars beside my machine.

Jessica said...

Oh no! I hope your arm isn't out of action for too long.
I use a blue rotary cutter, that can be used either way. I got it when I first started about 7 years ago and I can't remember the brand, I have tried others but I always go back to this one.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I use Olfa and have both the straight and curved handles. I also have the ergo one, but no table to put my mat on so it will be a the right height to cut.
Hope you heal soon!

Frances Leate said...

Sorry to hear about your injury and how frustrating. I just love the Olfa curved handle as I find gripping the handle to release the blade keeps my hand steadier when cutting. It is also safe when used in a class and I don't have to keep reminding students to retract their blade. I am profoundly right handed so I don't have your dilemma. I also prefer the Olfa cutting mats although I don't mind the Matilda's Own ones. Take care!

Yvonne said...

I use a plane olfa cutter. Never used others so I can't compare. I hope your arm will be better soon. We quilters can better have some kind of leg problem instead of arms and hands! But you didn't got to choose I suppose.....

Barb said...

I use the olfa, but recently I tried the fons and porter cutter. You don't have to expose the blade, it retracts automatically. I liked it and plan to buy one.
Good luck, sorry to hear you are in pain -
Wow, wish I could cut with either hand :)

Maree: said...

Sorry to hear about your Elbow Pain...hope it is feeling better soon...
are we seeing you on the 5th March...Hope so.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

So, here is my two cents worth, for the mat, I feel that nothing beats the Olfa, for my store I had to cut hundreds of fat quarters, all the cuts were in the same spot, with the other mats I cut right through them. With the Olfa I did cut through but it lasted longer than any of the others I had tried.
As for the cutter I use the large 60MM straight cutter. The key is the blade, if it is sharp you will not have to put pressure on it and it will save your wrist.
I am on a break from hand quilting because I get the same problem in my wrist and elbow. Hope you heal quickly!

Rena said...

Oh dear Christine,
I wish you very fast and speedy recovery for your wrist.
To your question, I use the rotary cutter from Olfa and the green Omnigrid of Omnimat , with another brand I can not experience...

Take care !


Cardygirl said...

Hope it gets better soon...RQI?? I love my 24 yr old yellow olfa...I have a Fiskars curved handle DH bought me after a finger mishap, but the oldie is my fav.

Lisa said...

I'm a bit behind in blogland, but I have always used Fiskars cutters and mats. I have several different styles of cutter, and just grab the closest one. Hope the elbow mends quickly.