Monday, February 28, 2011

Class today and few other things

Had a wonderful morning with four lovely Ladies in my class, sewing away in aircon, if you like to see what we have been up too go and check out Bree's lovely blog post about today.

She has taken pictures too, thank you Bree for the lovely words. I am very lucky as I meet lots of lovely people and do enjoy my time out teaching classes as quilting at home can get a little lonely, DH is not always in the mood for my chatter after a day at work and you know how it is as women have to use up so many words per day,big grin.

I have also sent my first Doll quilt ( yes I am making two), my hand quilting is not perfect as my hand is still not working the way it should.

Happy stitching


Janet said...

I love your doll quilt Christine, this could be the year of the red and white with that big exhibiton coming up. I love pinwheels, I'm off for a look.

Kathie said...

beautiful doll quilt
ah yes red and white , I think the fever has hit for red and white quilts , I am really looking forward to the exhbit in a few weeks

Jessica said...

I love your doll quilt!
Thanks for the link to Bree's blog, it looks very interesting.

Doreen said...

Thanks Christine for a great class today..absolutely loved every minute of it..can't believe how quickly the time flys. Can't wait to do some more classes under your wonderful directions.

Taryn said...

Lovely little red and white quilt! Such a striking combination and always a little exciting because you just never know how red is going to behave.

Yvonne said...

Lovely little doll quilt.

LuAnn said...

I had a good laugh at women having to use up so many words a day. If I were to read that to my husband, he would just smile and nod in agreement. After finding the second neat quilt when I'm blog surfing and trying to get him to be as excited as I am, he is ready to be done with it all. I love your doll quilt!

Betweens said...

lovely!! love 2 color quilts!!
your quilting is great!
now I am almost finished quilting mine and it will be on its way to are we able to post the whole quilt??

karen said...

Lucky me! I received this lovely doll quilt! Thanks Christine it is so beautiful. Just to let every body else know Chritine's hand quilting is lovely and EVEN and she added in the quilting design "doll quilt 2011". I am still working on yours ..the applique is almost finished and I hope to begin quilting tomorrow. Love karen