Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quilt tops, blocks or fabric

Hi all

I am going to join retromummy in making quilts for the Flood victims, if you have a top or some blocks, or even fabric for backings please let me know, I am happy to quilt them to brighten up someones day.
We try and keep the quilts to smaller sizes like lap size or single and maybe a little bigger.
The job is to big for one person and so I am going to help. If you like to send something email me and I give you my postal address.

Thank you........ I love blog-land


ps. Can you believe one in every two Houses flooded insurances don't cover Floods......... so please if you ever live anywhere near water make sure you know what you are paying for when getting insurance.


Marls said...

I'm in Christine. Please send your address.
Have started making blocks of 12 1/2 inches,as Corrie suggested, and may have time to do a whole top and post it over.
Have you a time frame?

Jessica said...

I have a top from my 'need to quilt' box and another I will put borders on. I will also try to get a couple of blocks done.
Let me know your address and time frame. Hugs for putting your hand up to do all this work!

Vickie said...

awsome is blogland yes it is..I was actually looking at some blocks I have, today and thinking they'd could be sewn to make good little quilts like fo rgirls dolls..wonder if they would be ok to send?Cheers Vickie