Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Links for Doll swap participants

Hi all

I have now added all the links to your blogs, if you like to check out the others taking part in the swap just go to the Doll swap page and click on their name.

Happy stitching

ps. if anyone has not heard or been in touch with their partner, please do it as soon as you can.


Nadine said...

THANKS, Christine.

Erin & I have already been in contact and we're on a roll, now ;>)


Nadine said...

Dear Christine,
I just checked my blog link on your Doll Swap page ---> please note that, due to computer problems, I've got a NEW BLOG and here's the correct link :

THANKS for updating your files, dear.


Janet said...

Thanks for the time you're putting into this swap Christine. My partner and I are sorted.

Barb said...

Thanks Christine - I've made a start and been in touch with Janet -

Cheryl said...

Lisa and I are in touch. Now I just need to decide on which pattern I want to do.