Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nine-Patch Swap

Hi all this is for Australia only

Sorry to all others but the postage would be too difficult to work out.

Ok who wants to play? I am holding a nine-patch swap and if you would like to join let me know.

I am planning on starting this month.

The way I thought I would do this is as followed:

1 )If you like to join you would make 12 nine-patch blocks from the same two fabrics per month over six month. Each month you use a different set of two fabrics. If you haven't got enough of one fabric to make twelve for that month replace with a similar fabric. The fabrics in my quilt are mainly reproduction fabrics so let's make the swap reproduction fabrics too.

2) They will need to be made from two fabrics one light/the other dark

3) They are to be 6 1/2inches square nine-patch blocks

4) The dark fabric is to be used for the five squares and the light fabric (or contrast) for the other four squares. If you look at my quilt in the previous post you will get some ideas for colours.

5) I would like to receive a photo at the end of each month showing your set of 12 nine-patch blocks.

6) After six month you will send me 6 sets of 12 blocks, including a self addressed envelope (with postage) to receive the same number of nine-patch blocks in return.

7) Please only join if you really think you can do this and want to do take part.

8) Please copy/paste the button that (Robyn from Daisy Quilts has kindly made for me) add a link and hopefully we get enough swappers to join.

Of course you can make two lots of 12 different sets, it would mean you get more back.

The minimum swappers I would need is 12, maybe we make it to 24 ? Who knows.

The last thing have fun.



ps. This is my quilt with the binding finished, sorry the image is a bit dark. I will take a new one today sometime.